Worst of The Heat Is Over As Both North America & Now Europe Start Cooling Towards Autumn

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This GFS chart shows the temperatures anomalies over Western Europe during the past weekend (Courtesy of WeatherBELL Models)

Well I think it’s pretty safe to now say that the worst of the worst is now over when talking heat for both North America and Europe and really the Northern Hemisphere as we now enter the last 10 days of August. Days have shortened and nights lengthened considerably and with the sun angle lowering, so those fiery ridges of high pressure begin weakening. Once into September, any heat wave is a modified version of June through August simply because of the seasonal changes taking place in the atmosphere. The atmosphere simply can’t support blistering days with hot nights. Cooler starts as cooler air begins to broaden in areas across the north, means it’s tougher to get real hot during the afternoon. Rather than the highs peaks at 5 or 6pm like back at the end of June, they peak at 3pm in early September, greatly shortening the heating of the day.

Both continents have suffered some major heat during summer 2012 with Western Europe’s just in the last 4 days. Both continents aren’t exactly going to be void of warm temperatures in coming weeks but as Europe slowly cools with the heart of the mainland returning to normal and eventually slightly below normal, the accummulation of heat weakens and slides into an area more typical of seeing this, the Med Basin.

Like in North America, it doesn’t just disappear.

Remember, once the first cool blast came down from Canada, the blowtorch simply pushed in the Great Basin and West, it didn’t just dissappear as they will come and go but the true blowtorch 100+F, those 25F+ or 5-10C above normal days are over.

The first chart below was the upper chart over the heart of North America back in July, below was Europe back on Sunday.

Now notice the lack of real heat in the same areas which where hottest. The next 7 days show little real heat and purely average temperatures at best, many remain pleasantly comfortable, even slightly below normal. The bottom chart for Europe is this Thursday, notice, like in the US, the worst of the heat gets shifted into areas typical of seeing the heat and the areas which saw the 25F+ readings return to normal or below.. Yes there is a lot of heat centred over the Mediterannean but over the heart of mainland Europe it’s much cooler.

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