Big Rains Along The Old Frontal Boundary Drapped Along The Gulf Coast!

Graphic courtesy of The Weather Channel

Well it has been a fantastic past several days up across the Northern Tier of the country with cool, refreshing air spilling out of Canada making for the first feel of autumn following a long and hot summer. Well those temperatures over the coming days are set to rise back into the 80s, we already saw those return to the Dakotas during Sunday and these spread east into Minnesota, Wisconsin and Michigan. The Northeast has also enjoyed some perfect weather with comfortable, dry 70-degree days and refreshing 40s and 50s at night over inland areas. However, for those striving fall for real, you know this is just a little too early to stick around right? Don’t worry, it’s coming!

As for the front which indeed ushered down the first taste of autumn for many has been causing big rains down along the Gulf Coast.

The past 24 hours has seen as much as 3-6 inches of rain as warm, Gulf air is drawn north and with cooler, much drier air pushing down towards the Gulf, this has been the perfect recipe for heavy, soaking thunderstorms and these have caused flooding anywhere from the Upper Texas coast along to the Florida panhandle. New Orleans, LA and Mobile, AL to name just two major population centres have been hit particularly hard by the rains of the past 24 to 36 hours.

Rainfall forecast for next 24 hours (Courtesy of NOAA)

Messy Monday Over Mid-Atlantic/Northeast, Airport Delays Likely

You can see from the above QPF map which shows rainfall for the next 24 hours that there’s plenty more rain, these storms and heavy rains could well push northeast up into the Mid-Atlantic region on Monday and not good news to those travelling in this busy part of the country on a Monday morning. Flight delays out of the big airport hubs could well be an issue. By Tuesday into Wednesday these rains ease as the boundary weakens.

Monday will remain cool and comfortable over Minneapolis and Chicago with 70s again but Tuesday into Wednesday and those 80s return with humidity slowly on the rise.

By Wednesday we’ll see a return to upper 80s and low 90s across the Dakotas with mid-80s returning to Minneapolis and Chicago.

Heating Up over Northern Rockies, Cooling Further From Seattle to Portland

Following those 90s/100s Thursday and Friday of last week from Medford up to Seattle, temperatures are on a downward trend and you can expect 60s for highs by Wednesday but it remains hot east of the Cascades and this heat will push east into Idaho and Montana where near 100 may be achieved.

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