French Health Authority On Alert As Paris Soars to 100° Today, All-Time Record of 104° Could Be Threatened Tomorrow

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Kids seek cooling, wet relief from the blistering Parisian sun. Temps are rivalling those set back in the deadly heatwave of August 2003. (Image courtesy of France 24)

The French health authority is on high alert this weekend as temperatures climb to rare and potentially record territory and values not seen since the deadly heatwave of August 2003.

All week long the models have been incredibly persisted in building a tremendous blast of heat north from the Sahara with 100s expected to extend from southern Spain all the way to the northern France. A low this week which brought wild weather to parts of the UK is drifting west and deeper into the North Atantic and this is allowing some incredible heat to migrate north with super height rises all the way to Southeast England.

I highlighted the high potential for at least one 100° day in Paris and today appears to have reached the century mark, the first 100° since August 2003 when as many as 35,000 succumed to the heat. The stunning August 2003 heatwave broke all sorts of heat records including all-time national highs. Paris endured 4 days in the 100s with the highest reading being 102°. Tomorrow is sure to make day two this month but what’s most interesting is that tomorrow looks almost certain to be hotter than today and so the peak high back in 2003 of 102° looks to be in jeapordy for tomorrow. In fact, more significantly the city’s all-time record high of 104° set back in 1949 may also be in jeapordy as I stand by my forecast first set back at the start of the week with Paris seeing between 100-105°.

Take a look at these charts showing the thicknesses and 850 temps. Note the powerhouse 592 height line nearly as far north as Paris, the 588 up near Brussels and Amsterdam and the 584 covering Southeast England.

Today’s 90° at Cavendish, Suffolk marked UK’s hottest day of 2012

Today marked the hottest day of 2012 for the UK with a high topping 90 (32.4°C) at Cavendish in Suffolk. Tomorrow has a good chance at topping 33°C which is the values reached last summer and there may even be an outside chance of 34°C which would be hottest since the record breaking heat of July 2006 which saw the UK experience it’s hottest July day on record with 97° (36.5°C) recorded at Wisley, Surrey.

GFS Height/Temp at 500 hpa for Sat (Courtesy of WeatherOnline)


ECMWF Height/Temp at 500 hpa for Sun (Courtesy of WeatherOnline)


Other city’s who have a decent chance at reaching 100 tomorrow include Madrid, Auxerre and even Brussels and Amsterdam.

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