The Tide Has Turned For West Coast With Hot Start To August Following Chilly May-July Period

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Following a chilly May, June and July from Seattle all the way down to San Diego, temperatures have averaged a full 1-3 below normal but with the westward shift in the Plains hot dome just as July ended and August began, this, has meant that the first 17 days of this month have seen a complete flip in the numbers and trend of the last 3 months with most towns and cities down the length of the West Coast running an impressive 2-4 ABOVE normal. This turnaround which brought Portland, OR their first 100 since way back to July 2006 and Seattle’s first 90s in two summers is welcome I’m sure to those tired of the cool weather this summer.

Of course if there was to be a cool second half to August then this month would end nearer normal making it an even cooler summer than it already is. The trend though appears to stick to a warm theme though not as extreme as what we’ve been seeing. A lot of that is to do with the shortening days.

A cooldown is already kicking in along the coast of Washington and Oregon as a trough will begin to make inroads through this weekend, eventually, highs will struggle to reach 80 in Seattle by Sunday.

Take a look at these stats off AccuWeather Pro. This speaks for itself.

CITY                              MAY        JUNE         JULY         AUGUST

SEATTLE                      -0.7          -2.6             -1.4              +3.8

PORTLAND                  -0.3          -2.3              -1.2              +3.8

REDDING                     +0.9         -1.2              -2                  +3.7

SAN FRANCISCO        -1.2          -0.8              -1.3              -2.5

LOS ANGELES             -0.3          -1.2             -1.2               +2

SAN DIEGO                  +0.2         -0.8             -1.6              +2.5

Yesterday National Highs (Courtesy of The Weather Channel)

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