UK STORM UPDATE: Beautiful Satellite Image Captures Storm Winding Up As Forecast off Ireland (Includes Video!)

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Current satellite image of Europe (Courtesy of WeatherOnline)

Thought id show you this beautiful satellite image I’ve just grabbed off weatheronline which clearly shows how this well advertised, deepening low is behaving as forecast. This image captures the perfect baroclinic contrast and the work warm and cold air masses do when pulled together. It’s the circulation itself which is drawing down cold air from Iceland while it’s cold front which extends all the way down to the warm, moist Azores region which is drawing up lots of heat. All this warm, moist air infused with cold, dry air, combined with good upper level support and trough which is the perfect incubator for continued strenghening, deepening of a well organised low. When comparing the sat image from yesterday (below) with the one above, you can see how quickly this thing has gotten it’s act together, thanks to the mergence of the above factors mentioned.

Yesterday’s Satellite images shows the early stages of development. (Image courtesy of WeatherOnline)

Pre-frontal SE winds blow strong in the sunshine across Scotland this afternoon, enhanced by a tight pressure gradient

The storm’s very active, well oiled cold front, fuelled by lots of rich, subtropical moisture is now spreading that heavy rain band up through northern England and is soon to cross the border up into Scotland. This is as hard hit southern areas of Britain begin the clearing out process and though rains ease and clear, the winds will continue to blow hard into tonight.

Winds are blowing strong out of the SE while the sun still shines up here across Scotland this afternoon. Despite the strong wind, it’s a very pleasant summers day with a temp hitting 70F (21C), warmer up across the NW Highlands. These winds are strong but it’s not purely because of the low but the pressure gradient produced between a high sitting nearby to the north and the low just south of Ireland which is setting a steep pressure gradient. In order for the atmosphere to find balance, winds blow and the tigher the gradient, the faster the winds blow to try and find eqilibrium.

Potential for a 70 mph gust on exposed Welsh, SW England and Irish coasts this evening

While the rains may have been and gone across the South, unfortunately those winds are only going to intensify with the low to the west and just off the SW coast of Ireland, still deepening.

The strongest winds will hit late this afternoon and evening with west and southwest facing coasts likely to bare the brunt. Expect 60 mph gusts widely along the coast of Ireland, SW England and Wales. Inland areas could still see gusts top 45 to 50 but an odd exposed coastal area may see a gust top 70 mph early evening tonight.

Tonight, it’s Scotland turn to feel the full affects of this system as the front sweeps in from the south. Gales and heavy, driving rain for a few hours will make for a rough early evening and evening commute across the Central Belt.

The good news is, while still windy for many tomorrow, the heavy rains in an organised fashion will be gone and we’ll be left with a legacy of sunshine and showers.

More on the late week and weekend weather picture shortly! Stay tuned..

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