BREAKING: Tropical Storm Ernesto Forms In Atlantic

Written by on August 3, 2012 in Tropical with 0 Comments

Map courtesy of The Weather Channel

Well we now have Tropical Storm Ernesto on the playing field. It is nothing overly significant right now and there are a lot of Q’s as to how sustainable the environment in it’s path actually is. The general thinking right now is that this system will slowly intensify and with most models pointing this in the direction of the Caribbean where waters are bathtub warm.. all it takes is a low sheared, non-dusty environment for this system to crank to perhaps a Cat 1 or 2 Hurricane by the time we reach Monday of next week.

Below shows current SST’s over the Atlantic and as you can see, it’s warm as you would expect by it’s dry air and shear which could make this a struggle for Ernesto to even reach the Caribbean.

SST’s courtesy of NOAA


Graphic courtesy of NHC


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