Trough Supports Sunshine & Shower Regime For UK/Ireland Through The Rest Of Week Into Next (Includes Video!)

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With a large low with deep central pressure spinning away off Ireland, rains will continue feeing in tonight. Thankfully we will see widespread improvment tomorrow with a more sunshine and shower regime kicking in and this looks likely to become the theme over the next 5-7 days at least. While eastern Europe remains dominated by high pressure and hot, mostly dry weather with Moscow potentially eyeing their hottest of summer by this weekend or early next week, we remain buried beneath low heights, courtesy of a firmly anchored in place trough. A trough which has continued to support plenty of low pressure, keeping us cool, cloudy and wet. On the whole, this mean trough has dominated our entire summer with the exceptions of just a few days here and there.

With the low having nowhere to no, it finds the path of least resistance and that’s S of it’s current position in coming days. With it’s always nearby presence and low heights above the UK, showers with sunny spells will continue to be the rule right through this weekend and even into next week.

London faired decently today with some nice warmth lifting up from France thanks to the position of the front to the west of London. I did see a high of at least 24.5C around Greater London this afternoon, falling nicely in line with my forecast of 25C from last weekend.

Everywhere over the next 5-7 days will see a general sunshine and showers regime with highs generally around 17 or 18C beneath the cloud and showers while anywhere from 21C in Glasgow to 23, perhaps even 24C in London, when that sun shines for any substantial duration.

Looking out into next week, it appears we have a much the same setup, though we could see a few days of more settled conditions but temperatures will remain at bay due to low heights and a trough. Despite a possible relaxation in low pressure dominance during next week, warming of the surface and cold air suspended aloft, supports the development of cloud and heavy showers thanks to the lapse rate (measure of temp with height).

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