Oklahoma Blisters To Near 115° While New York & Boston Surburbs Get Slammed By Flooding Rains This Afternoon!

Map courtesy of The Weather Channel

The warm, juicy atmosphere over the Northeast combined with a frontal boundary has allowed strong thunderstorm to blowup and cross the Greater New York City area. During the early afternoon today, heavy storms dropped a rapid 2 inch plus rain which caused significant flooding over Queens and other parts of Long Island. There are also strong storms, producing a lot of rain is short periods of time up near Boston also and these, like those further south will cause flash flooding.

While active, strong and soaking thunderstorms cause more issues into this evening across other parts of the Northeast, it’s all about the torrid and brutalising heat baking the Southern Plains just now.

Temps in OK soar towards 115°

This afternoon has seen not only the hottest temperatures of summer so far but perhaps in many years and it could get worse before better.

Temps have topped at least 114° in Tulsa while Oklahoma City has reached at least 110°. The next few days could see even hotter weather and it’s possible we could see highs pushing 120° over parts of Oklahoma, pushing the all-time state record of 120° for OK.

Hope to have more shortly, stay tuned.

Map courtesy of The Weather Channel



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