Nothing Official Yet But July 2012 Will Likely Go Down As Record Coolest, Wettest & Cloudiest For Much Of Scotland!

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Although there is nothing official, it appears as though, up here in Scotland (likely other parts of UK/Ireland too), we’ve just had our COOLEST, WETTEST, CLOUDIEST JULY ON RECORD depending upon where you are. According to a tweet this afternoon by STV’s Sean Batty, Glasgow and Salsburgh, N Lanarkshire had their wettest July while Eskdalemuir, Dumfries and Galloway, which hit a low yesterday morning of just 2C (36F), saw their dullest.

Hopefully I can give you more ‘official’ stats in the coming hours but this is of no surprise given what we’ve seen and how subpar the temperatures have been. Summer 2012 will likely hit the record books as one of the poorer summers in a long time across many parts of the UK and Ireland.

I’m hopeful of at least some summer before autumn..

But like i’ve said in recent posts, I am hopeful that we WILL see at least some summer-like weather later in August or September. Certainly the first 10-15 days of this final meteorological summer month doesn’t look promising with a solid continuation of this pattern. See recent posts which I explain the drivers of this summer’s pattern and why I believe it been this way. I am believe that our increasingly wet summers is a byproduct to the return of the cold phase in the Pacific known as the PDO and the largescale downward trend in global temperature. The current climatic state is very like the 1950s.

Other areas of the UK will have likely seen their coolest, wettest, dullest July on record too.

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