Heavy Rain & Wind Pushes Across Ireland/Northern UK Tonight & Wednesday, London Returns To Summer! (Video Included!)

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The UK will see opposites on weather over the next 12 hours following a wet and dreary day across the South, though it’s an improving picture down along southernmost counties up into the London area this afternoon. While rather cloud and wet across the South, it’s been glorious and warm feeling in the sun up across Scotland following a widespread cold July night where many got down to 3 or 4C outwith the warmth of urban environments.

An interesting area of low pressure spinning well west of Ireland will be the dominant player in the UK and Ireland’s weather later today through Friday.

While a large high sits to our east of Europe, this low will no manage to track east and so with a lot of enbergy associated with it and great upper support, the energy will pile and bungle, so it deepens. Pressures will sink into the 970s in mb over the next 24 to 36 hours and thankfully, because of the ridge to the east, this ain’t crossing us but will sideswipe with a large canopy of wind and rain through Ireland and Northern Ireland into the early part of tonight and eventually northwest England with the bulk of it’s moisture crossing from Northern Ireland into Scotland.

Eventually, following all the sunshine of today, western and central areas of Scotland will sharply go downhill with heavy rains working up from the southwest and winds too will pick up.

By tomorrow morning, winds along the coast should blow at 15-25 mph with gusts of 40-50 mph quite possible along with persistent and frequently heavy bursts of rain.

So, while Ireland, Northwest England get pounded during much of Wednesday by rain and blustery winds with possible coastal gales, if you notice in the chart above, the Southeast including London remains in the clear and in fact sunny thanks to the cold front remaining to the west. Increasing southwest winds and sun will really do work on those temperatures and I am confident that summer-like warmth and sun returns to all Olympic venues throughout the London area tomorrow. I am going for a high of 25C (77F) in Central London tomorrow afternoon.

I suspect by late in the day Wednesday and overnight into Thursday, showers and perhaps more organised, prolonged areas of moderate rain will spread east through London and the Southeast but this should arrive late.

Through Thursday, it should be an improving picture throughout the UK with the bulk of the rains pushed north of Ireland and central areas of Scotland with possibly the Grampians and Highlands bearing the brunt of the rains but here too, things should ease as the low begins to show signs of pressure rise and a more southwest displacement. That push off to the southwest towards Friday should allow height rises widely across the UK and this should support brighter and warmer conditions across the areas which have bore the brunt of the nasty weather.

However, the presence of this low lives on through Friday and possibly throughout the weekend as the trough of cold air aloft stands firm and with the low not that far to the southwest of the UK, the shower risk will always remain.

Looking out to next week, I have no real good news to share with you as the trough holds. The truth is, until we see the NAO flip comfortably back into positive territory, which there’s no sign of through the first 10 days of August, so this unsettled, subpar theme will continue. At least up till now, the real nasty, major rains haven’t returned and I stand by my original August idea that the unsettled them remains but the worst of the super wet pattern is behind us, leaving room for more frequent pushes of warmth from the south.



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