YOUR DETAILED OLYMPIC/UK FORECAST: Weather Turns Cool & Wet Tomorrow Into Next Week (Includes Video!)

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Good afternoon and hope your all enjoying your weekend so far. Did you enjoy the opening ceremony? It certainly was quite the specticle and certainly makes one proud to be British. Hope you enjoyed the warm sunshine last week because we’re set for a reality check which will take us through the next 7 days on a very unsettled note with as many as three surface lows pushing across us between now and next Friday.

These lows will bring enhanced areas of heavy showers and I guess the one slightly positive aspect to the models at the monent is that the heaviest rains ‘appear’ to stay NORTH of London, albeit we will see rain and some heavy pulses but the worst looks to be across Ireland, Northern Ireland, Scotland and the North of England. This can change of course and we’ll need to closely monitor this week’s weather.

Here’s a breakdown on where I see the weather going this week according to current models.


Tomorrow appears to be the first day in which London and the Southeast sees some hefty showers as the first low, down at around 1000mb pushes E, NE across the northern UK, a track another two will take mid and late this week.

A stiff west wind along with cloud and the rain will make it feel raw with a high of only 19C (68F) for Central London. Further north, heavy showers will be widespread and frequent with temperatures only warming to near 14C (57F) in North Scotland, 16C (60F) in the Central Belt and 17C (62F) between Manchester and Birmingham.

Graphic courtesy of AccuWeather Pro


Following the first batch of heavy showers, the low pushes off to the NE and behind it, a dry slot moves in before the next system. This should mean skies become sunnier with less breeze, as a result temperatures should respond nicely despite a deep trough overhead with 546mb heights over Scotland, expect temperatures with sunshine to push 17C (63F) in the North (though clouds may still dominate), 21-22C (71-72F) in the London area.


During Tuesday the next system follows the same path as the initial system with this looking to be the biggest of the week. Right now, the worst of what this low has to offer with pressures expected to fall towards 980mb over far northern Scotland, will have greatest impact with wind and heavy rains, comfortably NORTH of London but initial heavy, organised rain and a raft of showers and blustery winds does appear to show on models pushing across the South and London.

Later into Tuesday, a band of heavy, organised rain appears to spread across the Republic, Northern Ireland and Scotland as well as northern England, this rain accompanied by possibly strong winds could bring local flooding with perhaps 1-2 inches. These heavy pulses of rain will take us into Wednesday but I feel optimistic that the worst of this stays generally north of Birmingham.


By Thursday the model, like on Monday shows a relaxation with the wind and rain as the low pushes off to the NE. A dry slot with sunnier skies returns before yet another, late week arrives. Temperatures should once again bounce up with 17 perhaps 18C in the North while 20-22C dominates the South and Southeast.


Friday will see yet more rain push in with the next surface low, espect a return to slightly cooler temperatures, increased breezes and heavy showers..

Because by this stage in the week is very far out, don’t take this is a given. The details WILL change slightly by the time we get out to late next week.

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