London Tops 86°F Today, 90°F Tomorrow But Thunderstorms Threaten Olympic Opener! Cooler Next Week..

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Weymouth, Dorset today! (Image courtesy of Daily Mail)

We’ve made it! summer is here.. well for the southern half of the UK that is. While temps soared to a balmy 86°F or 30°C this afternoon over Great London, temps only got to between 16-17°C over a cloudy, damp Northern Ireland, northern England and southern Scotland. This corridor of dreary weather marked a boundary seperating the very warm with look warm. Even here in the Central Belt, thanks to some filtered sun beaming through following a damp, dreary morning, we managed to warm to near 70°, feeling not too bad.

Scotland gets in on some summer warmth tomorrow while London reaches 90°!

The boundary becomes less active tomorrow and will sink a little further south but rain becomes less with the weakening of the boundary. Highs up here in Scotland should warm into the very comfortable 68-71° (20-21°C) range but once south of the boundary, temps soar well into the 80s from Manchester where it should hit 80° (27°C) to 90° (32°C) in London. With a very warm day today and slow cooling in the urban environment of central London, it will stay warm and sticky with a low likely no less than 68° (20°C). Unfortunately this ‘hot spell’ will be short lived as we see changes through Thursday which sets the scene for Friday’s Olympic opener.

Shower & thunderstorm risk greatly increases by Friday for Olympic opener in London

By the time we reach Friday, the big day millions have been waiting for, gone will be the clear blue skies and highs into the upper 80s I’m affraid, the weak, slow moving southward boundary will have done it’s dirty work in drawing colder air down in the mid and upper levels and this will be over London by Friday, breaking a cap (cap means warmth aloft which surpresses cloud formation) which had become established through the week as the heat built over southern England. The vertical temp profile over London will have changed and with fronts working north from France, showers and likely thunderstorms will pop in the heating of the late morning within the vicinity of London. Storms are forecast near the Southeast but exactly where these cells develop is unknown but I would guess we’ll see at least one shower during the afternoon and early evening over Greater London.

With all the heat generated over the past past days with another warm, increasingly muggy night to come Thursday night, the atmosphere has plenty of juice to fire off some big storms which could bring local downpours, lightning and gusty winds.

Chilly weekend & start to next week for London as trough returns, highs hold in the 60s for a few days!

By the time we reach Saturday, following a stormy Friday, a much fresher push of air slides down over Southeast England and highs will be held in the much cooler 60s at least through Monday of next week.

Interestingly, while the trough sweeps down over the UK by this weekend, a nice upper ridge builds north over the Atlantic to the west of the UK and by Tuesday, the ECMWF has this warmth sliding east allowing warmth to build back into the UK.

Stay tuned, more coming up tomorrow..


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