Washington DC & Baltimore See Coldest July 21st On Record While Phoenix Gets Dusty! (Youtube Video Included!)

Cool, cloudy with some rain over DC yesterday

Following chilly afternoons up in New York City where rain, cloud and Atlantic breezes held temperatures in the low 60s a couple of days ago, yesterday it was the Baltimore-Washington area which got in on some impressive late July chill. What’s striking is how warm this month has been across the region with 13 days over 95 and several over 100 in Washington DC, this comes as quite the shock.

How cold was it?

Put it this way, the average is 87, the warmest high on Saturday for all three regional airports was 71 at Reagan National but both Dulles and BWI only managed 69, old records were 74, 75, 73 respectively.

While the heat remains strong to the west out over the Plains and Midwest, you just know this midsummer chill is a mere blip and the 90s will roar back within days.

Temps soar to classic July levels with 121 at Death Valley on Saturday while a haboob sweeps across Phoenix

A dramatic haboob or duststorm kicked up yesterday evening on the outskirts of Phoenix and swept across the city in dramatic fashion. Winds were clocked at 50 mph which ripped off house shingles.

Check out this cool video from Youtube.

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