London Will See It’s Warmest Weather Of Summer Just Days Before Olympics Commence (Video coming soon!)

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Sun sets of London following a warm July day (Image courtesy of Daily Mail)

It’s finally here, no not the Olympics but some decent warm weather!

Today will see temperatures warmer than yesterday and through Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, they increase by a few degrees each day. By Monday we should see highs over London rise to around 26-27C (78-80F) and by Tuesday the mercury looks likely to crack the 30C (86F) mark for the first time since last summer, there is a chance that the thermometer may top 31C (88F) Wednesday afternoon. It’s been a long time coming but I’m sure for many across London, this will be a warm spell that’s been worth waiting for. I’m sure planners and folks undergoing final preperations for the games will enjoy this compared to the wet, dismal weather of late. This will also greatly help dry out the saturated ground also.

The timing certainly couldn’t have been better, considering the millions who will be arriving or tuning in from across the world this week. There’s nothing better than warm, summer-like weather right on time for London taking the world stage. Yes, I haven’t forgotten the fact that beyond Wednesday there is uncertainty in the forecast but like i’ve said in previous posts, I do think the worst of the excessively wet pattern is behind us and although wet weather could interupt things late in the upcoming week, warmer air will have more change at returning more frequently ahead and behind passing lows which track NORTH of the UK.. Iceland certainly looks to have a more typical, unsettled pattern.

Just look at how strong this low is impacting Iceland over the next 36 hours! Storm warnings have been hoisted for the country with gales and heavy rains expected, disruption and even damage caused by flooding and wind is highly likely on the west side of the island nation.

Models have been persistent for days on a sub-972 low crossing Iceland (Chart courtesy of ECMWF & AccuWeather Pro)

Yes, it’s this storm which is bringing Scotland the dissapointing weather with coastal gales in the north along with heavy rains. The heavy rains IS needed though as the recent concentration of rains in the past 8 weeks has actually been over England and Wales along with SE Scotland.

The powerhouse 962 low is playing a role in London’s pre-games heat!

The low impacting Iceland and Scotland is actually playing a big role in London’s pre-olympic warmth as the storm is triggering a strong southwest wind ahead of it’s southeast advancing cold front, drawing warmer and warmer air up from the Azores straight into Southeast England. It’s as the cold front drops further south, the winds increase and as winds increase from a warm source region, so the temperatures increases over London.

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