Heat Is Going Nowhere From The Great Basin To Ohio Valley This Week, Wet At Times For Northeast (Includes Video!)


Graphic Courtesy of AccuWeather.com

Hot weather will dominate the upcoming workweek with the focus centred over the Plains. Through this week the 100s will spread west over the Great Basin allowing Denver to see yet more 100s as well as Salt Lake City, Reno and Boise as the week progresses.

By late week, the ECMWF shows heights really soaring and so too will those temps, right now, it remains questionable as to whether cities such as Reno, Boise and Salt Lake have seen their hottest weather of summer. We could see 105s show for Reno and Salt Lake which would make it the hottest of summer, as for Boise, their not likely to be as hot as troughiness will keep heights lower up over the interior Northwest.

Graphic courtesy Weather.com

As for the Desert Southwest, while I believe the hottest numbers may be been achieved already, going by the latest run, Phoenix and Las Vegas both look to push back into the 110s after Wednesday and especially towards next weekend. Death Valley while has likely seen the hottest with a recent 128 high, the high by late week here may push back into the 125 range.

As for the East, well as a Pacific system enters the NW coast and tracks over top of the ridge, this system, as like most has this summer, will stretch the Plains heat core east and into the DC-Baltimore region. I expect upper 90s to return to the Mid-Atlantic, perhaps mid-90s over Philadelphia and low 90s for New York by mid to late week. Boston will always hold in the 80s thanks to lower heights and cooling Atlantic winds.

Graphic courtesy of AccuWeather.com

As for precip, there is plenty of wet weather for the East with a stalled boundary over the Southeast. This boundary will spark storms, especially in the afternoon as the air heats. Another boundary will push over the Northeast tomorrow sparking the first of at least two rounds of storms this week. The interior Northeast looks best to see tomorrow’s storms with heavy rains, lightning and gusty winds with highs in the 80s but these may track into the major cities this early evening. By Tuesday the front is gone and with more in the way of sunshine, temps bounce back into the low 90s. By Wednesday or Thursday the second round of storm potential arrives and so more rain will dampen a dry East.

Unfortunately, there is little to no chance of storms and rain over the arid central part of the country due to a strong and dominant ridge where the atmosphere is capped and unable to support cloud formation. The dry ground is a large part of the feedback problem.

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