Beijing, China Experiences Heaviest Rains In 60 Years Causing Major Flooding, 10 Deaths (YouTube Videos Included!)

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Man walks across a flooded Beijing street on Saturday night (Image courtesy of DIN NEWS)

As of 2am today, Beijing time, as many as 10 people have died following the heaviest rains in the Chinese capital in 61 years. It’s said the storm struck during Saturday afternoon and continued late into the night, stranding over 80,000 and cancelling 500 flights at Beijing’s Capital International Airport while all sorts of chaos was unfolding across the city. With the persistency in the torrential rains, roads, homes and businesses quickly became flooded.

Urban centres struggle to cope with excessive rains than it’s outlying areas

This amount of rain falling within a 24-hour period would have any place struggling to cope but with a vast urban centre, difficulties are increased tenfold due to a lack of places the water can go. Urban areas with narrow canyons of concrete forces it’s own type of flooding as man-made drains can’t cope with such vast amounts of water. Soils, waterways can soak up and capture a degree of extra water from the skies but water cannot soak into concrete and so the water piles up. The drains aren’t designed to handle such vast quantities of water in such a short period of time so the water simply piles up. As many as 14,500 residents were forced to evacuate due to rising flood waters.

According to DIN NEWS, the suburban community of Tongzhou, two died in a roof collapse while another was killed when struck by lightning. Others died due to shocks from powerlines down and drownings.

The west suburban district of Fangshan recieved over 18 inches of rain In 24 Hours!

As of 2am local time today, it’s said that as much as 212mm of rain has fallen over the heart of Beijing while the suburban district of Fangshan has recorded 460mm according to a report by CNTV

Incidentally, the city which has more often than not got incredibly poor air quality, saw ‘excellent’ air quality on Saturday.


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