Alice Springs, Australia Is On Brink Of Coldest Spell In 35 Years. An Indicator To The Upcoming N Hem Winter?

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With dominant high pressure continuing over the heart of Australia, so the chill continues also. Alice Springs in the red centre has witnessed their coldest spell of weather in 15 years but a low of -0.8C or lower on Monday morning would bag the coldest spell for the city in 35 years. According to The Weather Channel Australia, the record is likely to be hit as the forecast low is for -1C. Impressively, this would mark the 9th consecutive sub-freezing low here.

The last time it was this cold in Alice Springs was back in the 1970s. humm, the last cold era!

According to The Weather Channel Australia, only two times in the past 70 years has Alice Springs recorded 9 consecutive sub-freezing mornings, 1976 and 77 and 2012 will likely make that a third. Interesting how these occurances fell in the heart of the previous cold era over the Northern Hemisphere. Could this incredible cold, not only confined to Australia but large swathes of South America and of course Antarctica have baring on our upcoming winter north of the equator? I wonder!

It seems like cold has been the dominant aspect to Australian weather all year with May, June and July all producing widespread daily and monthly record cold lows with many towns experiencing their coldest temperatures anywhere from 10 to 50 years across a large area stretching from southern Queensland all the way to New South Wales where the chill has been worst. Just yesterday morning, an overnight low of -8C was recorded over interior New South Wales.

While there is slight warming with a trough sliding across central Australia, including Alice Springs, more frosty starts are likely to start the new workweek as well as later in the week when high pressure builds back in.

I will be interested to see when this winter is out, how it stacks up with the past. Could this be one of the coldest winters in perhaps half a century for central and particularly eastern Australia? Often, Southern Hemisphere winters reflect the upcoming winter over the Northern Hemisphere and if this winter down there is anything to go by, then we could have another indictor as well as others that winter over North America and Europe may be tough.

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