Mighty Heat Continues Over Plains Next 7-10 Days, May See All-Time Records Fall

Graphic courtesy of AccuWeather

I alluded on my Facebook page yesterday morning about the potential for all-time records falling from North Kansas to North Dakota over the next 7 days with even a state record threatened. This can only happen when the conditions are perfect and I believe they are as we have an historic drought and with exceptionally dry soils comes a drying out of the atmosphere. Plop a big ridge over top of those dry soils and you enhance the heights aloft and pretty much all of the sun’s energy goes directly into heating the ground and air.

Threatenting all-time state records on the Plains takes a lot given the fact the temps are right up around 120. Back in the hot summer of 2006, Usta tied a 1930s South Dakota record of 120 and this very record may be threatened in the next 7 days. As well as that, Neb, Kansas, Iowa, Missouri all may get darn hot too so this will be worth watching in coming days!

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