Substantial Cool Settles Into The Midwest And East Along With Big Rains!

Graphic courtesy of The Weather Channel

After another day of 100s over the Mid-Atlantic on Sunday and 90s up to NYC, the main front is now spreading storms through Baltimore and DC as of this writing. The heat is well and truely broken and so 80s dominate the next 7 days throughout the Midwest, Ohio Valley Northeast and Mid-Atlantic and cooler and cooler air will become drawn southeast out of Canada. This of course is highly welcomed following upwards of 7-9 days in the 90s with a day in which it touched the 100s all the way to Newark.

The above graphic courtesy of The Weather Channel illustrates the extent of the trough and cool. Notice it spread the cooler air all the way to Georgia. By no means cold, well still see mid, possibly low 80s from New York down to DC but this will be glorious along with low humidity which should be in the 50s, not low 70s during Monday.

Storms will flare each day from DC to throughout the Southeast over the next 7 days, triggered by the front which will become stationary before the heat rebuilds, likely beyond this upcoming weekend. We all know this will have a shelf life is probably no longer than 7 to at best, 10 days.

The Heat Gets Cranking west of the Continental Divide: Multiple 100° days for Salt Lake, Reno, Boise, Spokane

Graphic courtesy of The Weather Channel

The trough and extent of the 80s spread through the Plains, what a difference this will make to folks throughout the nations mid section who have been dealing with torrid heat and humidity for weeks. Even such cities as Kansas City, St Louis up into Chicago where it was 90s or 100s more times than not of late, we could see highs only a few degrees off the lows we’ve so frequently seen of late.

As for the region to the west of Denver and generally the continental divide, we have a ridge building. This is the very region which has gotten off lightly this summer in terms of heat. Well, it looks like we’ll see such cities as Salt Lake, Reno, Boise up through Spokane which will endure their first string of 100s this week. 105-110 is possible up through the northern Sac Valley of California and even up east of the Cascades of Washington and Oregon. Denver will be in the cool zone but go west of the Rockies and your in the hot zone this week. Boise and Reno may push 105 a couple of days this week.

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