WHAT THE MEDIA DON’T TELL YOU: While Hot Across The USA, It’s been Equally As Cold Across Australia!

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Cathy Mundy from Happy Valley sent in this photo via NewsForce, showing just how frosty it was across SA today. (Courtesy of Cathy Mundy via Adelaide Now)

A lot of attention has been on the USA of late with all kinds of daily, monthly and all-time records falling. It would seem it’s been plain old hot since March. Well, I guess for some across Australia, the same could be said for their cold!

What’s very interesting is that while we here in the UK have been suffering heavy, overcast skies and a heck of a lot of rain, while eastern Europe has been well above normal, large swathes of Asia are far from hot, in fact it’s pretty cold along with large parts of South America too. The world ISN’T burning up like many media sources would suggest. The problem is that a lot of the media attention focuses too much on the USA, a small region of the world which yes, it is probably the hottest area of the globe right now but it’s a big world we live in and there are large areas at or below normal.

Following an historic two consecutive wet and cool summers which broke a nationwide multidecade drought, the autumn and first part of winter has been darn cold, record cold across Australia and recent nights have witnessed the coldest temperatures in 30 to nearly 40 years for some.

A sprawlling high pressure system has kept over 90% of Australia cloud free for the best part of 2 weeks now and this along with a significant push of Antarctic air out of the south thanks to a negative AAO (Antarctic Oscillation), has supported night after night of brutal cold.

Coldest so far in Australia was a bitter -13C recorded at during the past week at Perisher Valley.

Cold start to July comes on the back of a cold May and June

Bare in mind that this chill comes on the heels of a cold May and June with many seeing their coldest spells in 20-30 years back then too so this cold start to July follows a chilly trend. So just how cold have sites across parts of Australia been of late.

So how cold are we talking?

The South Australian capital of Adelaide endured their coldest morning of the season with a low of 1.7C . Amazingly 6 Qantas flights were delayed due to deicing having to be carried out as ice formed on aircraft wings. This is said to be highly unusual. The coldest in the state was at Yunta with a bitter low of -7.5C.

In Victoria, the city of Melbourne recorded their coldest morning in 15 years this morning with a low at the airport of -0.2C while Redesdale are in the midst of their coldest spell in 23 years with four consecutive days below -0.9C. It’s the coldest July spell in 14 years at Shepparton with three straight mornings of -2C.

In New South Wales, Deniliquin have experienced their sixth consecutive sub-freezing morning and amazingly this has been their coldest spell in 30 years. It’s the coldest spell at Condobolin in 15 years.

Most impressive is likely the nations capital of Canberra where their in the midst of the coldest spell in some 36 years. They’ve endured seven straight morning’s below freezing with four of -4.4C or lower. This morning’s low was a nippy -5.4C but yesterday was colder at -6C. Back in May they saw one of their longest spells below freezing on record.

Warmer air is coming in along with big rains but for how long?

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