Heat Core Returns To Plains For Jul 4th, Brief Hot Blast For Mid-Atlantic This Weekend, Big Change Next Week! (Includes Video!)

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The good news for those living up and down the East Coast today is much lower humidity in the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic while it’s all about the lower air temperatures in the Southeast. Highs in the mid and upper 90s yesterday from DC to NYC along with high humidity made it very uncomfortable whereas today, although it’s back into the 90s, certainly for DC, Baltimore and Philly, possibly NYC, at least it’s drier air.

As for the Southeast, temperatures are running 10 to 15 degrees below this time 24 hours ago and highs may struggle to top 92 or 93 in Atlanta this afternoon compared to yesterday and Saturday’s all-time 106. The heat has been stunning throughout the Southeast and thankfully there is relief. Like we saw yesterday, there’s plenty of showers and storms as a front sags into the region but the core of the heat will remain strong enough to support plenty of 100s over the Central and Southern Plains east into Kansas City and St Louis.

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Minneapolis & Chicago Eye 100 Again

With a trough digging into the Pacific Northwest reintroducing cool and unsettled weather here, this as the heat core is now over the Plains, rather than Southeast will mean Minneapolis and surrounding cities are pushing the century mark this afternoon. It’s currently 98 in Minneapolis and 95 in Chicago. Chicago tomorrow and especially Wednesday may push the century mark for the second time in a week.

While today and tomorrow will see thunderstorms erupt over the Northern Plains, parts of the Lakes, Northeast and Southeast, there are concerns over potential severe storm developing over the Ohio Valley, across Pennsylvania and into the Big Cities on July 4th. This will be something worth watching as the intense heat remains to the south and cooler air tries to work down from Canada. Energy flow along the jet in between will encourage this storm development.

While Denver grabbed the headlines at the start of the heatwave with a string of 4-5 days at or above 100, their once again soaring to or even surpassing the century mark with the ridge back west. Several days this week may be 98-102 in Denver and possibly Salt Lake all the up through Cheyenne to Miles City and Glasgow, Montana.

Heat & Humidity Returns To Northeast, Mid-Atlantic By Weekend, DC, Baltimore May Top 100 Again & Get Close In Philly

Towards the weekend the heat will return to the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast along with higher humidity. Enjoy the 80s Northeast as your likely to be just as hot as you were this past weekend by this upcoming weekend! DC, Baltimore and Philadelphia may all push 100 again but the good news is this will be gone by the start of next week as the trough eventually returns and could takes hold for a longer period of time. The ECMWF shows the ridge eventually backing west of the Rockies and so California, where it has been darn cool of late, will finally get in on some heat. Such cities as Reno, NV may see a day or two over 100 while Redding, CA may push 110. 100s will dominate eastern Washington and Oregon and this hot surge looks to pump 90s all the way to the Arctic Circle over the Yukon and western Northwest Territories.

So, after this next shot blast of heat for the Northeast, next week will see the heat back all the way towards the West Coast allowing 90s into San Diego, LA, San Francisco while 100s dominate points east of the coast range. We may see Death Valley reach it’s hottest levels of the year so far during the middle of next week.

This also means a cooldown in the Plains with a return to 80s and low 90s.

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