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Terrifying: Floodwaters rise around stranded cars as the rain teems down in Heaton, Newcastle upon Tyne turning roads into lakes in just seconds yesterday (Photo courtesy of Daily Mail)

Yesterday saw one of the greatest displays of wild weather the UK in our lifetime. What created this violent and spectacular weather display could be seen days ago. When both Cork and Belfast was under water the night before, this was the sure sign of what was to come over the mainland the next day. I was very concerned about the ‘potential’ of this convergence in air masses with tremendous upper energy flowing in from the southwest.

Models had a heat wave over Iberia developing 10 days out and like clockwork the heat became intense during the first part of this week. The models also showed this warmth nudging north towards the UK but back late last Saturday night, the models also had a low developing out over the Atlantic and this was set to deepen and push northeast towards Britain during the mid part of the week. As this system strengthened, it increased the flow of heat from Spain to the UK. As the low depended and crept ever closer to Ireland and the UK, this excellerated the transport of Spianish heat north. The position of this low and direction of track meant the warmth was unabstructed from flowing over the UK and not away from it. That was a big problem.

The Flash Flooding In Cork And Belfast Was A Sign Of What Loomed Over The Mainland UK The Following Day

If you noticed, it was once the low pressure system’s cold front swept through Ireland with organised rain, two things occured, one noticable on the ground and the second, unnoticable above.

The first was the increase in warmth and humidity and the second was the cold air flowing overhead. This meant we had an atmosphere perfect for thunderstorm development and high risk of localised flash flooding. It was no coincidence that we saw flooding in Belfast and Cork, this showed perfectly the energy and turbulence of warm and humid air flowing northwestwards and increasingly colder air flowing northeastwards over top. The Belfast and Cork floods showed what was coming to the UK the next day once daytime heating kicked in and the front cleared out. The greater concern for the UK as compared to Ireland was the warmer air flowing up from the Southeast of England into the Midlands and the varying winds with height which could turn strong storms into rotating supercells.

Once again, this destructive and deadly weather was seen here on DAYS ago and illutrates again the importance of warnings AHEAD of the event when preperations can be made, potentially saving homes, businesses and lives.

To the best of my knowledge, this was not seen even 24 or even 48 hours out while from Saturday night onwards I issued daily forecast updates highlighting the risk of strong to possibly destructive thunderstorms which could dump tremendous rains in a short period of time. I stated the risk of large hail, damaging winds, spectacular lightning displays, even a chance of a tornado and the most concern was for yet more flash flooding.

We have seen several instances where this new website has been ahead of the game in forecasting potentially disruptive weather in the UK, making the small £3 subscription great value for money.

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