1930s Style Heat Wave Over US

Massive ridge will produce new June, likely all-time record highs across the Southeast today (Chart courtesy of ECMWF)

Well there’s no point in me telling you it’s darn HOT from the Plains to East Coast as you well know. Amazing at just how sweltering these readings are. This will be a heatwave remembered for a long time. It started last weekend when we saw Colorado tie the state all-time record high at 114°, Denver tied their all-time record of 105° two straight days. The blow torch went all the way to eastern Montana where we saw Miles City also witness their hottest day in recorded history with 111°.

After 2-4 days parked over the Rockies, the hot dome of historic intensity migrated east, focusing on the Central and Southern Plains.

110s spread from west Texas to eastern Montana on 26th (Courtesy of The Weather Channel)

Dodge City, Kansas set a new heat benchmark with 111° while an even more spectacular new all-time record of 115° was reached at McCook, Nebraska. Multiple sites across Kansas saw a new June, if not all-time record high. It got to 105° down in Houston, Texas which tied the all-time June record.

Yesterday saw the heat focus on the Midwest and Ohio Valley, just look at these numbers in the chart below, courtesy of The Weather Channel. Note the 108° in St Louis, this set a new June record here while the 100° in Chicago was the first century mark reading in 24 years and first 100 since July 2005 and only the second occurance since 1999.

Yesterday’s high across US (Courtesy of The Weather Channel)

Monthly or even all-time records may fall from Memphis to DC today or Saturday!

Today will see the core of this super strong ridge push heights upwards of 592dc over the Tennessee Valley, an intensity which equates to about as strong of a ridge as you’ll ever get. This will support more June and all-time record highs today over the Southeast into the Mid-Atlantic with 100°+ widely, even 104°+ from Arkansas to Washington DC.

The DC to Boston corridor will also be hot today following low 90s yesterday. DC and Baltimore should surpass 100° today while it could get close up in Philadelphia, folks in the Big Apple can expect 97 or 98°, Boston low 90s.

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