Warmth, Humidity Merges With A Lot Of Moisture Over UK

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Today has been one long day with a rise of 1.45am. Once home from my daily 300 mile drive I had a brief time to start my TS Debby write-up before meeting with my web designer. I spent from 3 till 7pm this evening talking with him about various aspects of the site and future plans as well as a rundown on accountancy.

Btw, I have been given permission to show and display both in write-ups and videos the copious model runs off the AccuWeather.com Pro site, so I am real excited about this. Normally your not allowed to redistribute anything from the Pro site but I have been granted permission to do so.

Ok, now onto the weather now..

You’ll have noticed the increase in humidity today as clouds bubbled up from the southwest. We’ve seen a lot of rain during the late afternoon and early evening here over Central Scotland, thought it would have turned thundery but heck, we’re use to disapointment when it comes to the atmosphere producing fireworks here in Scotland, right?

Tonight should see more heavy showers across northern England and Scotland while it’s a warm night in the South. While it t should be cloudy, it looks dry compared to further north. Everywhere will be humid and this humidity will continue through Thursday.

Wednesday will see rain, some heavy, and if sun manages to peak through the stubborn cloud deck, they may get thundery.

Further south it should be drier with sunshine breaking through from Birmingham to London. Where the clouds remain expect 16-19C, in the sun, 21-25C. In the warm, humid environment and where it’s turns sunny, this could spark thunderstorms which may drop a lot of rain in a short period of time..

Thursday looks to be quite a soaker with a strong surge of moisture riding in on the low but it’s gonna be muggy and warm and so it could turn quick stormy, especially in the South. The issue across Scotland is that there is little or no sun filtering through and so the atmosphere can’t bubble up thunderstorms. The flow is transporting heat and humidity and so it feels warm despite the cloud and rain.

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