Denver Ties All-Time Record Of 105 Yesterday, Could See It Again Today While It Could Near 120 In Kansas

The ridge over the Plains states is incredible as today would mark a 4th consecutive day above 100 in Denver following a tie of the all-time record of 105 yesterday.

Today could level that again and I guess there is a small chance we could even see a new all-time high for the Mile High City.

As for what the temps are doing now, check this out…

Amazingly it’s still early in the day and there are still 2-3 hours of heating left. We could see Houston top 105, perhaps 106, Denver 105 while parts of western Kansas could push 120 today. It’s already 114 at Hill City, KS.

On Saturday past, Colorado tied the all-time state record of 114, that could be threatened or tied once again this afternoon.

Since the start of last week, I stated that western South Dakota would reach 110 and that could well happen this afternoon while eastern Montana (Miles City or Glasgow) should get to around 104.

In stark contrast, New York City will struggle to get into the low 70s today.

While it’s fine, dry and comfortable in Chicago down to Kansas City and St Louis, by Thursday the monster hot dome will spread up from the southwest and we could see all three cities rise into the 102-105 range, yes even in Chicago..

Sorry for short post, been a long and busy day and haven;’t had much time to post. Videos and more in-depth info to come tomorrow.

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