Could Chicago, Cleveland, Washington & Atlanta Join The 100° Club This Week?

Current Central Plains Temps (The Weather Channel)

It’s been a rough morning throughout the Northeast following the passing of a sharp cold front which produced severe thunderstorms. The effects are still being felt at the major hubs as I write this. That front marks the introduction to much cooler, fresher air which will be drawn down all the way from the Canadian arctic and could well keep New York at around 70° just today and only in the 60s tomorrow and Wednesday.

While the cooldown is on for the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic states, the heat is well and truely on back westt with the Rocky Mountains/Plains ridge becoming very impressive, supporting multiple days now in the 100s for such cities as Denver. Hill City, Kansas has been the national hot spot two days in a row now and today it could get to to similar values seen yesterday of 114°.

Current temps for Southern Plains (The Weather Channel)

Models have shown highs soaring to near 120° in Kansas tomorrow and given the 850mb temps and intensity of the ridge, that isn’t outwith the realm of possibility. Houston is now at 101°, the first triple digit day of the year and it’s not going to be the last this week. The next 3 days looks to support 100s from Houston to South Dakota with Dallas and OKC pushing 108° the next two days. Highs will push 110° tomorrow all the way to western South Dakota, perhaps even western North Dakota/eastern Montana. While the heat expands north, so the trough deepens over the East Coast. 70-degree highs get south of DC tomorrow if not Wednesday.

By Thursday, the ridge kicks flattened out somewhat over the Northern Plains thanks to the pressence of a stormsystem over the PNW.

The core of heat, while similar to last week’s hot spell, looks to be a lot stronger this time around and while we could see a couple of days rise above 105 in Kansas City and St Louis, we could well see 100+ for Chicago, Cleveland, Detroit, Cinncinatti and yes even upper 90s to Washington. DC will get a rollercoaster ride for a 2nd week running. Highs tomorrow will be in the 70s, maybe Wedesday while Thursday, certainly Friday warm to near or above 100°.

By Friday the intense heat spreads east across the South and into the Southeast. New Orleans will get close to 100 as well as Atlanta which would be their first since thre blistering heat of 2007.


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