Typhoon Guchol Slams Into Japan Today Bringing Powerful Wind Gusts, Flooding Rains

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Tropical Storm Guchol makes landfall on the southern Kii Peninsula (Image courtesy of NOAA)

Guchol, once a 150-mph super typhoon, made landfall today on the Kii Peninsula south of Osaka as a 65 mph tropical storm. Though significantly weakened due to cooler waters, dry air and increased wind shear, Guchol still packed quite a punch delivering strong, gusty winds throughout Japan. Winds excellerating as the air became squeezed through the narrow concrete canyons of Tokyo, as well as the winds 200-300mm of rain has fallen within 24 hours.

The system roars northeastwards over the main island of Honshu at a rapid 45 mph as the storm transitions into an extra-tropical entity aboard the powerful westerlies.

Guchol began loosing power and it’s perfect structure, supporting 150 mph at it’s peak, when it left the bathtub warm waters east of the Phillippines and Taiwan and encountered both drier air flowing off the Asian mainland and the shear increased as the system’s upper reaches started to feel the westerlies.

Below is a video by Meteorologist Robert Speta of westernpacificweather.com. Check their great site out for daily weather updates for across the West Pacific.

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