Chicago Pushes Upper 90s Today, I-95 Corridor’s Turn Tomorrow & Thursday (Includes Video!)

(Courtesy of ECMWF)

While 109 degrees was hot in McCook, Neb yesterday, Death Valley, CA topped out at 121 degrees making this both the hottest high of the season for the site as well as for the nation.

Denver topped out at 100 degrees, the hottest June 18th on record. Amazingly, while 100s blistered the Plains from Texas to near the Nebraska-South Dakota stateline, it was downright cool for Dulles Airport in the DC suburbs yesterday with a high of only 67 degrees. This was in fact a record for cool high.

The heat shifts east today with focus from the eastern Plains to Ohio Valley where mid and upper 90s will be common with some 100s popping up in places. While DC to Boston topped out in the low 70s thanks to Atlantic onshore winds yesterday, today marks the transition from the chill to the hot box.

Washington to Philadelphia today, warm to between 86-90 and by tomorrow, as a front works east through the Plains, so too does the ridge push right into the Northeast, a strong southwest flow will transport the blowtorch into the I-95 corridor tomorrow. DC to at least Hartford will be in the 90s with upper 90s from DC to Philadelphia, we may get to 98 or 99.

By Thursday I think the heat peaks with highs approaching 100 from DC to Trenton, 98 for NYC, 96 for Boston, those numbers might end up conservative for NYC and Boston with some models showing 100.

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