Jubilee Weekend Starting Fine, Dry & Mild But Turns Cooler With Risk Of Rain By Sunday

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So far, Saturday is looking generally fine, dry and bright with temps ranging from 16C in Glasgow, 17C in Manchester, 19C in Birmingham and London with perhaps a 21C somewhere over the west Midlands, south Wales or around Somerset if there’s enough sunshine.

There is a chance of some showers across south Wales and the southwest of England, perhaps the west Midlands but all in all it looks fairly pleasant this far out.

As for Sunday, well not only do we have some very low temperatures for June 3rd with perhaps only 13 or 14C at best but we will also see the advance of a rain-bearing frontal system which spreads rain into Northern Ireland, Ireland and this extends northwest to southeast from NI across the Irish Sea, into Wales, the Midlands and down towards the Southeast and Greater London. Beneath this canopy of cloud and fairly persistent and at times heavy rains, temps may struggle to 10C, even Greater London may struggle to get much above 10C on Sunday if skies stay cloudy, that’s an impressive 15-17C difference compared to last weekend.

Interestingly northern England and Scotland looks fairly fine, dry and bright with highs, though cool, they’ll likely be milder than parts of southern England with some sunshine which of course is strong at this time of year.

Below is the GFS precipitation forecast for late Saturday in and through Sunday.


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