>Very Wet, Windy Night In Store For England/Wales But Clearing, Working North By Morning

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Very Wet, Windy Night In Store For England/Wales But Clearing, Working North By Morning


Temps Soars Into The 80s Today From West Germany To Russia

It’s the perfect set-up for high temps over central and eastern Europe. While a trough runs deep from Norway extending all the way down into the Azores and Canaries, this pumps a powerful ridge to it’s east, equally as strong as the trough, this southward forcing of cool, unsettled weather into the subtropics means very warm air now building over the Sahara can be forced north over the Mediteranean and into central Europe forcing temps to between 26-30C (78-86F) from Germany east through Poland and into Russia as well as down through the Ukraine, Bulgaria, Romania into the Balkans where highs today climbed well into the upper 20s C or 80s F.

I forecasted this way back last weekend and going by the models, tomorrow may see peak heating before heights lower on the high’s western edge as the system working north from France towards the UK has influence of heights. As for the eastern side of the big Europe high, well a backdoor front draws much cooler air into Moscow out of the northeast by Monday.

Temps topped at least these levels today according to The Weather Channel

Erlanger, Ger     88F
Munich, Ger      87F
Stuttgart, Ger    86F
Berlin, Ger        84F
Warsaw, Pol      84F
Kiev, Ukranine 84F
Prague, Cz Rep 80F
Moscow, Russ  79F

Forecast High’s For Tomorrow

Prague, Cz Rep   89F
Berlin, Ger          86F
Warsaw, Pol       86F
Moscow, Russ    83F

Very Wet, Windy Night In Store For England/Wales But Clearing, Working North By Morning

Flooding is a real possibility tonight from Norfolk to Cornall, Expect anywhere from 1 to 3 inches overnight

While it’s a glorious end to the day across much of the northern UK with rural frosts setting in under clear skies, light winds tonight, it’s an increasingly wet and windy picture across the South of England where a well organised area of rain, associated with a 994mb low over the Bay of Biscay will spread north through the overnight.

You have the potential for localised flooding anywhere from Norfolk all the way across to Cornwall through tonight where upwards of 2, maybe 3 inches of rain may fall overnight, accompanying the rain will be an increasingly gusty northeast wind, possibly reaching gale-force for a time as heaviest pulses of rain push through your area overnight. It appears the very wettest places will be focused upon Devon and Cornall according to models with a particularly nasty early morning period of torrential rains accompanied by gales, possibly reaching 60-70 mph out of the NE.

The good news is however, this band clears across the southernmost counties by mid morning as it spreads up through the Midlands and eventually, later in the day, into Scotland, perhaps causing issues with the Monday commute across the Central Belt.

Rainfall Timeline

So, between now and 3am, the worst focuses up the Channel and Southernmost counties stretching from Penzance, Cornwall to Great Yarmouth, Norfolk.

After dawn, those heavy, wind whipped, driving rains will push northwards along with the strongest winds. Cornwall and Devon may hold onto the heavy rains through the morning while northeast winds increase as northern edge of low pressure nears. As the low gets ever closer to stronger heights further north an odd gust to 70 mph isn’t out of the realm of possibility along with tremendous bursts of rain perhaps falling 1-2 inch rates per hour as upper dynamics align with intense surface convergence. Read more!


Powerfil Winds From Severe Storms Over St Louis Tears Bar Tent, Kills 1, Injures 100

1 dead, 100 injured as storm packing huge hail overturns tent at St. Louis sports bar

Spectacular Weather Weekend on Tap For the West Coast



HIGH: 99° at Death Valley, CA
LOW: 15° at Dixon, WY


HIGH: 56° (13.2°C) at Culdrose
LOW: 19° (-7.2°C) at Tulloch Bridge (Highland)


HIGH: 50°
LOW: 33°

Thanks for reading.

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    >Why don't you include different counties affected with Severe Weather etc, as I notice you always use Devon, Cornwall, Lincolnshire, Somerset, Norfolk etc quite a lot. Excellent blogs though, very informative so well done on that! But maybe in cases of Severe Weather, you could include different County names, i.e. all of the Counties affected by the bad Weather etc, so People in different areas know what's going on?? Just a thought??

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