>Looking and Feeling Positively Spring-like Over Next Few Days Throughout UK, Ireland!

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Today’s Global Weather Headlines

Europe Latest

Stormy Seas Force Tanker To Runs Aground Off Italy!

Italian Tanker Runs Aground in High Winds and Heavy Rain

Looking and Feeling Positively Spring-like Over Next Few Days Throughout UK, Ireland!

Highs tomorrow may push 18C around Greater London, possibly even warmer on Monday!

While cloudy skies over central and eastern England broke up through this afternoon, allowing some of those warming March rays down to the surface, this will be a recuring event over the next couple of days as the familiar Azores High Pressure system to rebuild northwards back over the UK and Ireland.
Today may have seen a high of 17C somewhere but with sunnier skies and slightly stronger ‘heights’ aloft during Sunday, we should see sunshine break through over central, southern and eastern England sooner than we saw today and that means, even warmer temps than than today. It’s possible we see an 18C high somewhere over the east Midlands, E. Anglia or the Southeast around the Greater London area while elsewhere, despite some more cloudcover 12-14C is very possible in this increasingly mild air mass of sub-tropical origin. Even across cloudier western and northern areas, given the strengthening heights as the ridge builds, I expect afternoon sunshine to break out and therefore, we may get a surprise boost in temperatures perhaps between 3 and 5pm tomorrow.
By Monday, I am going for this to be the best day of the current warm and settled spell as the high sits practically overhead and this along with a nice bubble of surface high pressure beneath the upper level ridge should support sunshine for most areas and here, temperatures should boost 13-16C widely with perhaps an 18 or 19C showing up on the map.

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US Latest

Short Lived Cold Blast This Weekend Over Northeast, But Blowtorch Set To Ignite Over Plains

Pre-El Nino Rains Continue Across Texas & South This Weekend!
Northeast Temp Rollercoaster Goes Warm. Then Cold, By Sunday It’s Back To Warmer!
Major March Heatwave Coming Next Week!

Widespread Warmth Expected Next Week

Storms Aim for West Coast, Northwest First

Hawaii Pounded by Downpours, Even a Tornado

Family’s surveillance cameras rolling as tornado hits West Liberty, Kentucky. This is one of the most insane videos I’ve ever seen

David here, in the 28 years I’ve forecast weather as a hobby. Five years as a storm chaser from 1993-1998. From forecasting severe weather from the comfort of my own home. I had never seen anything like this before. This is some of the most incredible footage captured on video of the destructive forces of a tornado. Enjoy this. It is really mind blowing and leaves you gasping.

Australia Latest

40C Heat Set For Perth!



HIGH: 86° at Fort Myers, FL
LOW: -8° at West Yellowstone, MT


HIGH: 64° (17.7°C) at Usk No. 2
LOW: 39° (3.9°C) at Craibstone


HIGH: 51°
LOW: 42°

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9 Reader Comments

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  1. len holliday says:

    >To Mickey McGavern in Dublin, Ireland. I was thinking about taking a vacation to Ireland. After reading what you just said to Mark; I think I have changed my mind. If all people in Ireland are like you, I don't want any part of it. Len Holliday(First Hand Weather) P.S. And by the way. If you do not like Marks forecast, stay off his site. I'm sure you can find your weather needs some place else!

  2. Anonymous says:

    >I would just like to say; My son and I started First Hand Weather over two years ago. And it is doing very well. You want to know why it is doing so well? Because we have some of the best forecasters in the world. People like our CEO, Matthew Holliday, Len Holliday , Adrian Howard, Garrett Bastardi and yes, Mark Vogan just to name a few. Also, articles written by people like Joe Bastardi and Piers Corbyn. We are very proud of FHW and we take pride in our forecast. We are proud to have Mark as part of our forecast team! Thanks for letting me share. Len R. Holliday(First Hand Weather)

  3. mick dunne says:

    >Listen here rory you sicko i would rather listen to mark any day than to listen to a sicko like you grow up and get a life. Rory if i see you using my name in your sick little mind games again i will bring you to court this is not a threat this is a promise so you have being warned you have messed with the wrong guy.

  4. Anonymous says:

    >Exactly Mick, Mickey and Penny, Mark gets his Forecasts continuouslly wrong, WINTER especially.
    Get a decent hobby Mark, forget the Weather, there's plenty of PROFESSIONALS out there, that People actually listen to. Who are People gonna take notice of, an amateur like you, or the PROFESSIONALS who are qualified and know what they're on about???

    As for Europe and the USA, just froecast for BRITAIN, not scummy AMERICA or thieving EUROPE!

    Your arch enemy

    Rory O'Gorman

  5. Anonymous says:

    >Yeah, I agree with Mickey McGavern and Mick Dunne. Why not just focus on the UK, not the USA or Europe Mark. Us Brits don't give a hella what happens in Yankland or Eurotwist land!

    Much love
    Penny C xoxox

  6. Anonymous says:

    >Mark, ignore these comments. These people are downers.

  7. Anonymous says:

    >Man you two are sick sick people, and should be ashamed, why don't you two shut the hell up and focus on your own life…scumbags…historic cold that kills over 1,000 people in europe…guess who called that…Mark Vogan….get your facts straight idiots…

  8. Anonymous says:

    >I totally agree with you Mickey, Mark should concentrate on the UK, not europe or the usa.

    I still love ya work m8, and I will continue to support ya and follow ya, but concentrate on uk & ireland m8! I still support ya on ya Page m8. Not being nasty m8, i h8 the americans m8, like all british and irish ppl do m8!

    Mick Dunne

  9. Anonymous says:

    >Don't bother releasing a Summer Forecast as you were adament that Winter would be bone-chillingly cold, with rival temps from 2010. You got the whole Winter completely wrong, so you'll get the summer wrong too.

    Why waste your time doing the weather when People don't take notice of what you say???? People rely on the proper Weathermen i.e. Weatherbell in the USA, Firsthand Weather, BBC Weather in the UK and the Met Office, Meteogroup and Weatheronline, Simon Keeling and all other Professionals etc!

    You have huge competition and you're wasting your life away by staying on a computer updating this fantasy site of yours, when you could get out more, go clubbing and even take your wife out for a night out, or perhaps go on holiday. I've noticed that in the Winter you had hundreds of 'Likes' and Comments on your Facebook Page, now you're lucky to get even a few 'Likes' or Comments on your Posts.


    You do a Page on Firsthand Weather, right??? Tell them to do one, as they're just getting you to do their dirty work, because they're too god damn lazy to do it themselves… they're taking you for a mug Mr Vogan, don't let them do it! Anyway, NO-ONE here in the UK gives a flying banana what the Weather does in Europe or the god damn USA. We only care about Britain's Weather, not Brussels Sprout controlled Europe, or the Yanky Panky USA Weather! Yeah they get blown away by Tornadoes, or freeze their damn bollocks off, but what do we care?? What happens in the USA or Europe doesn't concern the UK, hence why you're losing Support, quick and fast Mr Vogan! No-one likes the USA here in the UK Mark, the USA can't stand on their own two feet, they start Wars, always after Oil from other Countries, think they're better than anyone else, try to Control other Countries like Iran etc. Thy're nothing, absolutely Nothing and that Firsthand Weather crap is a load of Bollocks, you're British Mark, not American, so stop Forecasting for the damn idiots and concentrate on the UK only!!

    I know you dedicate a lot of time and hard work on this, but please don't waste your life away for People who don't care! I hope this didn't offend you Mark, but it's the truth!

    Best Wishes for the Future, you're now one follower down!!

    Mickey McGavern
    Dublin, Ireland

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