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Departure from normal grows as month nears the end! Britain may endure coldest Christmas on Record

Many areas of Scotland likely to see snow flurries after another cold night, The Midlands and north of England as well as eastern Wales may see record or near record cold tonight with areas pushing the -15 to –20C range!

Christmas Day will be coldest ever with mercury plummeting to MINUS 12… and snow is set to return on Boxing Day
Daily Mail

Scotland’s big freeze is forecast to thaw by next week

The Herald

Heavy Snow in Paris Forces Cancellations and Evacuations
AccuWeather News

Paris Charles de Gaulle terminal evacuated due to snow on roof
Daily Telegraph

Today’s Weather across America
From AccuWeather

Florida Cold Shot Coming Next Week

Close Call for New England Blizzard

Who is getting what snow in the East this Weekend?

Weather Talk
By Mark Vogan

Many areas of Scotland will see flurries on Christmas Day!

If you thought last Christmas was fairly rare to see much of the UK covered by snow didn’t you? Even more amazed this year to see it near repeat itself! I must admit, I am pretty amzed myself, despite believing there was an increased chance of snow lying over many areas of Britain come Christmas morning, though I was more sure of a White Christmas in my forecast for last winter, given the pattern.

In my forecast I was toiling with the whole White Christmas idea. It’s a real tough call, especially for the UK as we have such ficcle weather patterns at the best of times. I wondered whether we were going to simply see cold and snow either in the month and warming off the Atlantic would kick-in come the 20th. Predicting the warming was the most difficult as I did see the cold appraoch for late November and believed we would see a “few weeks” of cold and snow. Like stated in the past, we may have seen very cold weather even up until say the 20th with snow covering many areas, then for a warm-up to come in strongly from the Atlantic on the 21st, giving Atlantic air 4 days to melt snow across many area. That has indeed occured many years in the past, but this month as a whole has been something else.

Tonight alone, never mind the past 4-weeks of brutal cold and snow that’s crippled literally every inch of Britain, we’re also looking at low in the Midlands up into the north of England, eastern Wales where lows tonight may drop to between -15 and -20C, it’s likely Britain may endure it’s coldest Christmas on record or at least one of them and yes, snow is covering much of Britain by the time we awaken tomorrow!

Vagaries of the Weather
India & Sub-Continental Asia Weather
By Rajesh Kapadia

Thursday Night temperatures in India.

Lowest in Kashmir: Darbuk: -25c, Leh:-9.6c,Kargil: -9.4c, Gulmarg: -7.5c.and Pahalgam: -6.4c.
Lowest in H.P. today: Keylong:-7.1c, Kalpa:-4c.
Cold Wave in Orissa: Lowest at Phulbani: 4c.

Cold Wave in Interior Karnataka: Mysore: 9.8c.Lowest ever for December. HAL, BIAL and Yelahanka recorded a minimum of 9 degrees—six degrees below normal.Bangalore’s lowest temperature ever recorded was 7.8 degree Celsius in 1883.
Lowest in Mah: Ahamadnagar:5c.

For North India a chilly and wet New Year’s Eve seems to be on the cards.A W.D. would move westwards into N.India, and by 29th, we could see precipitation in the region. Snow in Kashmir, rains in the plains of Punjab, N.Rajasthan, Haryana and Delhi.

Since the W.D. aloft may not last beyond 48 hrs, precipitation in these regions could give in to a cold wave, with nights getting cooler by 3/5c,after 1st. Jan 2011.

Of-course, this being a 5/6 day forecast, dates could vary a day either way.

South india:

For this region, we see an easterly wave, a semi active MJO, approaching the T.N. Coast and adjoining Sri Lanka coast.After the 3 dry days forecasted by Vagaries, I would estimate rainfall to start increasing along the T.N. coast from 26th.

A gradual increase in rains would continue into 27th./28th. when, a low pressure is expected to be embedded in the wave.

If, the MJO gets active, we can expect the low to become well marked , and move Northwards along the coast, hence more rain from 27th. along T.N/South A.P. coast,and interior T.N.

If,in any case, the well marked low crosses the T.N./A.P. coast, we could see the rains spreading inland 0n the 29th. into interior Karnataka/ A.P. and even southern interior regions of Mah.may possibly get showers.

This W.D. will precipitate snow/rains in the extreme Northern regions of Pakistan on 28th.Rest of the Sindh and Punjab regions will be cloudy. Karachi caould expect cloudy weather on 26th/27th. Possible fog on 27th.

Cold wave in all the regions from 29th. and temperatures dropping by 3/5c.

In Nepal, Khatmandu fell to 1c on friday. Some rains/snow is expected in western parts of the country on 29th. Cold spell drop in temperatures again from New Year.

See our partner’s blog IN-FULL HERE where Rajesh has great local, national, continental and Global Weather information.

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The Extremes of the Day

Today’s US Extremes
Courtesy of AccuWeather

High: 86 degrees at Edinburg, TX
Low: -20 degrees at Poplar, MT

Today’s UK Extremes
Courtesy of the Met Office

High: 43 degrees (6.2C) at Isles of Scilly
Cold High: 17 degrees (-8.4C) at Castlederg (Co Tyrone)
Low: 1 degree (-17.4C) at Castledeg (Co Tyrone)

Today’s Extremes here at my house

High: 23 degrees
Low: 8 degrees

Snowcover: 1 inch
Clear skies and light winds overnight allowed yet another frigid night with lows once again falling below 10 degrees. The day saw mimimal daytime warming despite sunshine, the low angle sun, shortest period of daylight of the year and bitterly cold air mass firmly in place meant another day which only warmed to the low 20s for the high, tonight, yet again will fall to “frigid levels”. Another single-digit low perhaps? Cloud and snow showers are to move in, depending upon when, will factor will we see another single-digit night.

Thanks for reading.

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