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On Weather & Climate Through the Eyes of Mark Vogan

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SPECIAL STORY: Lunar Eclipse Update: Moonwatchers Get Treated to Rare Lunar Eclipse

Third Age.com

I was fortunate enough to see the luner eclipse whilst driving my truck through the street light-void Southern Uplands of southern Scotland this morning under brilliantly clear skies!

Mark Vogan reporting from along the A75, halfway between Newton Stewart and Stranraer in far southwest Scotland.

Britain braced for SIX INCHES of snow in next 24 hours as Government admits ‘we might run out of salt this winter’

The Daily Mail

How a freak diversion of the jet stream is paralysing the globe with freezing conditions

It’s snowing in Australia and California yet ‘warm’ in Greenland

The Daily Mail

(Graphic Courtesy of the Daily Mail)

Northern Ireland temperatures could fall to -20C

Cold weather causes travel chaos

Wintry weather brings snow to Australia in midsummer

The Daily Mail

Today’s Weather across America
From AccuWeather

“All Kinds of Flooding Going On” in California

Storm Slamming Cape Cof, Maine, the Maritimes

Icy Start for Minneapolis, Chicago, Indiannapolis

Weather Talk
By Mark Vogan

(Photo courtesy of Mark Vogan)
Hoar frost lying thick on trees (moon in background) in my street in Lennoxtown, this was the scene across much of Scotland today where heavy freezing fog lingered.


Today’s chilly 11-degree low, 24-degree high and dissipation of fog, sets the stage for single-digit lows tonight here in Lennoxtown

After a foggy, cold past 24-hours, the fog has lifted to a degree where the air can cool towards levels seen nearly 2-weeks ago. With 10pm readings in the low teens already, it’s likely that tonight will see the third single-digit low of this harsh cold outbreak.

However, this isn’t cold compared to other areas…

Altnaharra after falling to -16C this morning only rose to a brutal -14C for a high if you can call it that. Tonight, it’s already returned back down to an even colder reading than the low this morning with a current reading now at -18C and falling.

As for Northern Ireland, well the -17.8C low recorded this morning at Katesbridge, Co Down, this now becomes the nations second coldest reading on record as this also beats the old -17.5C reading which was recorded back on January 1, 1979. Incidentally, it was just back on late Sunday night there where Castlederg, located literally on the otherwisde of Northern Ireland from Katesbridge where the new low for the country was set and still stands, however with lowering temperatures this evening with even Aldergrove (Belfast International Airport site) already down below -11C, do we have another night in which the brand new record is challenged? Areas of central lowland Scotland will likely see lows fall towards -15C where fog either remains absent or very thin. By having those clearer skies, this allows maximum cooling and heat release back to space, even that fog, despite allowing the night temperatures to fall away, it still acts like a “thin insulating blanket”, trapping in heat thanks to it’s high moisture content. Some of the coldest Glens within the southern Highlands may see temperatures dip towards -20C at perhaps such places as Strathallan, Perthshire or Tyndrum, Stirlingshire and indeed as mentioned already, Northern Ireland has a couple of contenders for the potential for beating the “only days old” new National record of -18C recorded in Co Tyrone’s icebox, Castlederg.


Vagaries of the Weather
India & Sub-Continental Asia Weather
By Rajesh Kapadia

Expected easterly wave, shown on Vagaries Forecast map of 18th, has precipitated rains in T.N.Cuddalore District recieved the most rains, between 2-4 cms. Puducherry also had 2 cms of rain.Rains may shift to the Southern tip of india, and decrease and cease from Wednesday.

Light precipitation due to approaching W.D. likely in Kashmir, Hills of H.P.on Wednesday.

Forecast maps on Vagaries forecast page.


By Tuesday, a W.D. is expected to precipitate rain/snow, not very heavy though, over the Northern regions of Pakistan and move into Kashmir by Wednesday.

Cold day temperatures are expected over N.Pakistan on Wednesday, and night temperatures should drop again from Thursday. Islamabad should fall back to 0c, or even -1c by Friday.

Sindh region temperatures will be in the 4-6c region,and Nokkundi(Sindh) may see freezing point, with Karachi expected to be around 9-10c on Thursday/Friday.


Extreme Western regions of Nepal will see some light rain/snow on Wednesday. A slight fall in temperatures in Nepal could be predicted on Thursday/Friday. Khatmandu may record 1c on these nights.

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What’s Reaching Today’s Blogs?

Mammoth California Snow: 186 Inches, 164-MPH Winds
Jesse Ferrell, AccuWeather

Western Storms will Have an Eastern Counterpart
Joe Lundburg, AccuWeather

The Extremes of the Day

Today’s US Extremes
Courtesy of AccuWeather

High: 90 degrees at Brady, TX
Low: -21 degrees at Jordan, MT

Today’s UK Extremes
Courtesy of the Met Office

High: 42 degrees (5.6C) at Isles of Scilly
Cold High: 7 degrees (-13.8C) at Altnaharra (Sutherland)
Low: 0 degrees (-17.8C) at Katesbridge (Co Down)

Today’s Extremes here at my house

High: 24 degrees
Low: 11 degrees

Snowcover: 1 inch
Since last night, the Greater Glasgow as well as here locally has been mainly heavily fogbound and between the moisture within the fog and temperatures down into mid-teens overnight before falling to 11 degrees as the fog lifted briefly and through much of today before redeveloping, the trees and all outdoor exposed objects have recieved a heavy, thick coating of hoar frost, creating a magical winter wonderland. This coating is at least an inch thick. The fog is trying to lift and the stars are visible, therefore with a current 14 degree reading at only 9.30pm, it’s highly likely that by sunrise tomorrow, the low may have fallen to between 6-8 degrees. This would be the third occurance of single-digits this month. Tomorrow may also struggle to reach 20-degrees for the high before returning to low teens tomorrow night…

Thanks for reading.

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    >I saw a telly weather forecast earlier in the week which stated it would snow Wednesday to Friday in East Scotland this week. Now the forecast is for dry weather (apart from BBC weather which suggests some snow showers for Lothian tonight). What do you think will happen?

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