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Travelling along the snowcovered Crawfordjohn road which links the A76 with the M74 this afternoon. Truck temp as of 1pm was reading -4C near Douglas, South Lanarkshire. At 4am this morning whilst heavy snow showers were progressing through the central belt, my truck temp was reading -9C near Happendon services.

Heavy, persistent bands of snow cripple transport network across Britain for fourth straight morning rushhour, Forth Road Bridge and Edinburgh Airport shutdown. Altnaharra plummets to -21C, will be colder tonight!

live news feed…

As of 5pm, Altnaharra, Sutherland is already reading -15.7C!


Snowfall is Scotland’s ‘worst’ for more than 40 years
STV Scotland

Forth bridge reopen to all vehicles
The bridge reopened at 3pm after snow closed it for the first time in living memory.
STV Scotland

In today’s UK Newspapers

Millions endure second nightmare journey home from work as forecasters predict EIGHT INCHES of snow tonight

The Daily Mail

UK snow: Arctic conditions hit travel networks 
The Daily Telegraph

All SPL games this weekend wiped out by the winter weather

The Daily Record

Edinburgh council staff work ‘flat out’ to keep capital moving in worst snowfall since 1963
The Daily Record

Workmen clear snow from the car park at Edinburgh Airport, which has been forced to close today
Image Courtesy of The Daily Mail

Today’s Weather across America
From AccuWeather

Colder Air Begins its Push

High Winds, Flooding, Thunderstorms Target New England Wednesday Night

Weekend Snowstorm for the Midwest

Weather Talk
By Mark Vogan


Altnaharra under the Arctic high, Aviemore partly under Arctic high and Central Belt on tail end where winds circling the high is feeding persistent snowbands in off North Sea


It just seems it wants to snow, snow and snow doesn’t it. After 4 straight mornings with snow snarling rush hour and low temperatures creating icing problems also, I turn my thoughts to why so much snow?

Well, 1) it’s very early on in the year for an Arctic air mass which doesn’t usually penetrate this far south, this early, 2) the shear power of this Arctic air mass, the position of the high pressure cell which is now sitting just north of Caithness, thus presenting Altnaharra with remarkable cold for late November/early December but is also throwing northerlies down across the heart of Scotland. 3) As those extremely cold winds blow over the still relatively warm waters of the North Sea, heavy snows have broken out… It’s really all to do with the fact that the Arctic high is first and foremost as unusually strong as it is and it’s KEY position which is perfectly aligned to bring those harsh northeast winds blowing across the warm North Sea waters and onshore along the Moray, Aberdeenshire, Angus, Fife, Edinburgh and the Lothians and Borders coast pasting them with persistent snows and simply because those winds have been persistent. As the heavy snows ride the strong northeast flow, they upslope the higher terrain stretching from Moray all the way down to the Pentland Hills and Southern Uplands and thus heavier snow accummulations as well as blowing and drifting as the upslope creates a phenonomen known as orographic lift. As winds ride up the windward sides of mountains, they cool, condense and produce more moisture and therefore more snow. This is why the heart of the Grampians, Cairngorms and even the higher ground of the Lothians and Borders and across into the heart of the central belt has seen most snow.

Even the Glasgow area, though hasn’t seen near as much as further east and north, this area has seen it’s fair share with my house tonight reporting a 7 and a half inch snowbase as persistent snows have came and went and dropped in and around an inch each time.


At this present time, the northwest Highlands are now enduring severe cold as winds have lightened up, skies cleared out and the core of cold is closest, therefore explaining why Altnaharra dropped to -21C for the low. As for Aviemore, their slightly away from that core, thus snow showers still come and go and temps are not quite as cold. However by tomorrow evening, lows may dip towards -20C at both Aviemore and Braemar as the core of coldest air gets closer. The heart of the central lowlands which have been very cold in between those snowshowers with lows dipping to -7C in Glasgow, both clouds and snow have came and went too often and therefore temps haven’t been able to fall too far. Again, as Aviemore gets a chance at -20C or lower tomorrow night, Glasgow and Edinburgh will have a chance to see longer spells of clear skies and much lighter winds and with all that deep, fresh snowcover, -10C is very plausible whilst even lower readings are possible out in rural areas.

In the coming days, as snows become much less frequent in the east, daytime highs will become downright frigid as highs in Livingston and Edinburgh may struggle to get above -6C and lows may even drop towards -12 to -15C as the high continues drifting southwards. Even Glasgow all the way south to Dumfries may see extremely low reading by Friday and Saturday! Stay tuned.

What’s Reaching Today’s Blogs?

Severe Weather Heading into NYC
Henry Margusity, AccuWeather

Non-Winter Stats Update: Winter is Here
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The Extremes of the Day

Today’s US Extremes
Courtesy of AccuWeather

High: 86 degrees at Fort Lauderdale, FL
Low: -10 degrees at Chinook, MT

Today’s UK Extremes
Courtesy of the Met Office

High: 39 degrees (3.7C) at Isles of Scilly
Cold High: 11 degrees (-11.5C) at Altnaharra (Sutherland)
Low: -6 degrees (-21.1C) at Altnaharra (Sutherland)

Today’s Extremes here at my house

High: 32 degrees
Low: 24 degrees

Snowcover: 7.5 inches
A generally cold feeling day with off and on snow showers.

Thanks for reading.

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  1. Mark'sWxWorld says:

    >Thanks Mr Baird for the kind comments and your faithful reading.

    However, I have to dissagree with the "not forecasting the severity of the cold" correctly. I stated quite clearly that we're likely to see just as cold if not COLDER and that has certainly materialised. Bare in mind, a forecast that was put out a month before the cold hit and stated that I was concerned about the coldest air since Dec 95 returning to Glasgow and widespread -10 to -15s in town and city centres, colder in outlying rural areas. WE'VE SEEN THAT OCCUR!

    Hope your keeping warm.

    Thanks again for your encouraging words.


  2. boodsde says:

    >I love you articles, he has deeply attracted me. I believe you will be published out more and more excellent works, I'm looking louis vuitton utah leather forward to it! Hope you can live a happy life!

  3. Anonymous says:

    >Dear Mark.

    I have been reading your blog for over a year now. I was impressed with your predictions last year for a cold UK winter, as that came true and matched your forecast. Likewise, this year you have called this November/December cold snap correctly time-wise but you failed to predict the severity of the cold snap. But congratulations on predicting this 30 days ahead of the the Met office. Will you adapt your winter forecast (i.e. give an update for UK) given the severity of the cold and snow, which I feel will likely influence the winter weather.


    Mr Baird
    Upper Largo

  4. Anonymous says:

    >thanks for comment wont bother

  5. Anonymous says:

    >ye i know lol
    thats been a bug of mine

  6. Anonymous says:

    >You would probably need to brush up on your spelling first of all… Just a wee constructive hint! Ta.

  7. Anonymous says:

    >Hi thanks for weather report could i ask what do you think for mon 6th as got appointment in perth just woundering if you could advise as take your predictions over all others

    p.s read your comments on 30th thanks

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