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Hurricane Danielle approaching “Major” status, Earl likely to follow, queue of “Waves” lined up across African Continent and ready themselves for Trans-Atlantic journey
By Mark Vogan

As Danielle now has an eye and looks good on sat images, this system whilst has Bermuda on edge, it’s all about just how active things have become across the tropics. You only have to look at the Atlantic AND across the African continent to see how active it’s become. It’s like it’s fuel that’s been ignited as each and every wave that’s currently crossing the rainforests of equatorial Africa have a high chance of developing once out over the warm Atlantic. Three systems are worth watching closely.


A system that’s very likely to grow into a “major” hurricane at any time and may threaten Bermuda but there is still a chance this system tuyrns north and misses Bermuda to the east, but all it takes is for the high to the north of Danielle to stand ground more and may force a further west track of Danielle before the northward turn, therefore Bermuda may find itself in the path of a potential major hurricane.


Earl’s likely to also become a “major” storm as it also track to the west but slightly further south than Danielle, therefore Bermuda may not only have to worry about Danielle but also Earl as the tracks and the pattern to the north of these systems currently have a weakness in the ridge and therefore depending upon timing the of trough existing the US and how far south these systems cross the Atlantic will deter when they make that crucial northward turn, at this time, I believe Earl may find itself making the turn LATER than Danielle and may end up tracking WEST of Bermuda between the North America continent and the island nation.


The third system that’s furthest east appears to be the system that I believe (this far out anyway) that has the biggest threat to the US and this one may be the one the East Coast or Gulf needs to worry most about.

Certainly Bermuda will be on it’s guard over the next couple of weeks with potentially two “major” hits possible (worst case) and not only that but Africa looks lit up with waves crossing their continent and all three waves are strong, healthy and a good environment awaits them all out over the warm Atlantic waters.

Stay tuned!

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Today’s US Extremes
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High: 122 degrees at Death Valley, CA
Low: 28 degrees at West Yellowstone, MT

Today’s UK Extremes
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High: 72 degrees at Gravesend (Kent)
Low: 30 degrees at Altnaharra (Sutherland)

Today’s Extremes here at my house

High: 64 degrees
Low: 46 degrees

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