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your america today forecast
by mark vogan
southeast & southern plains
The extreme heat continues today with little relief in sight for you folks all the way from central Teaxs all the way east to the Carolinas as a strong and spread out ridge rules, supressing the thunderstorms chances as the atmosphere is capped off. Where will the storms be today? The usual trouble spots such as Florida where strong storms may form anywhere across the state, thanks to a vigorous , moist Atlantic flow cycling around the high, we may also see storms form on the sea breeze along both Atlantic coast of the Carolinas and indeed anywhere from Panama City, Fl to Houston, TX. Highs today will push 105 for northeast Texas, including Dallas, lows tonight into the 78-80 range, Houston 97-99, Low tonight, near 79, New Orleans 95, Low 80, Memphis 100, Low 78, Atlanta 98, Low 79, Charlotte 99, Low 78, Orlando 90, Low 75, Miami 90, Low 78, remember in these mid to upper 90s, humidity levels in places are very high meaning HI values are reaching or surpassing 110.
Whilst a return to 100-105 for both Vegas and Phoenix and perhaps a 115 at Death Valley, the cool, dreary coastl pattern continues with highs merely topping 60, Both San Diego and San Francisco will once again FAIL TO TOP 70, whilst LA should warm nicely to near 80 with PM sunshine. Look for midmorning clearing of clouds in the coastal Valley and highs topping the mid-80s, Palm Springs will likely warm towards 107-110 today. Lows tonight cool to the low 50s at the coast, 58-62 for the downtowns, 70s for the deserts, low 80s for Vegas and Phoenix.
Though clouds linger day and night for both Portland and Seattle and especially at the coast, highs will warm slightly into the 70s after a few days only managing the 60s for both cities. Coastal areas should push 60 or higher, rather than 50s, but as stated, it will remain cloudy with a thick marine layer associated with the trough overhead. East of the mtns today and it should warm into the 80s with mostly sunny skies, 80s also for Montana, low 90s for Denver, whilst Salt Lake may top out near 88-89 with a chance of a spotty storm. Lows will fall into the 50sand 60s everywhere tonight.
northeast & mid-atlantic
Whilst a frontal boundary sags slightly southward, from Buffalo to Boston, this will deflect the Mid-Atlantic heat here, keeping it in the 80s with an 84-degree high expected for Boston, further south and it’s hot! Calling for a high of 94 in New York, 95 in Philly and a sweltering 97-99 for both DC and Baltimore under a blazing sun! With dew points reaching the mid to upper 60s, most places will push 100 with the HI, so stay safe out there today folks.. Lows tonight fall into the 60s for rural spots, mid to upper 70s, even an 80 for the downtowns.
northern plains
Due to the heat centered to the south and a jet flowing overhead, another day of the same story I’m affraid, strong to severe storms will once again blossom with daytime heating from the Dakotas across to Minnesota and on southeastward, so be on gaurd for those strong storms blowing up and take cover as some of these are likely to turn severe with good surface and upper-level dynamics in place. Highs today will be toasty with upper 80s to low 90s basically across the board from Williston, ND across to Minneapolis and down into Chicago and Detroit, generally 88-92. Further south towards the I-70 corridor and we’re looking at highs around 98 for Kansas City and St Louis. Lows tonight cool to the 60s in most places, low to mid-70s in the cities.
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Weather Talk
By Mark Vogan


With the abnormal heat centered right over Moscow airspace with a stunning 23 days above 90 degrees and even a couple of unprecidented 100s, I wonder whether in reaction within the atmosphere to a high pressure cell comparable or equivalent to that of the Middle East desert region forced so far north over Russia a direct response to the catastrophic flooding over Pakistan as the jet is shoved north and therefore either side of this, those troughs are enhancing the unsettled weather. To the west of the ridge there’s been flooding over central Europe and an almost unbroken spell of unsettled and cool weather from Britain to Germany, to the east of the ridge, the jet has travelled so far south, it’s crossing directly over Pakistan, driving abnormally cool air so far south and being meet by both tropical heat, humidity and of course very warm water, therefore is the jet’s unusually far south positioned, caused by Russia’s abnormally far north jet the reason for the “super monsoon”? Extra energy caused by the jet. We also must look at China also, which has seen the jertoverhead, enhancing thunderstorms, growing bigger storms and heavier, flooding rains. I believe the ridge over Russia is part responsible. As for the USA, we’re seeing persistent heat and an unusually persistent heatwave centered between Dallas and DC (ironically the same areas which experienced the worst of the US winter last year). That high (like over Europe) has seen knock-on effects surrounding it with a persistent trough over the West Coast, producing an abnormally cool Coastal California summer and an extremely wet and stormy summer for the Northern Plains (similar to Pakistan, India and China), only it’s not the monsoon?

Where there’s extreme heat, there’s extreme rains downstream, we’ve even seen torrential downpours here across Scotland as warmth tries to push north, whilst cool air remains overtop, a nice set-up some thunderstorms. Today I could hardly see in front of me with the rain, water lay 1-2″ deep on the highway and I even saw a shelf cloud, after a drove through a “storm” and eventually had to flip me “visor” down with the sun….

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Today’s US Extremes
Courtesy of AccuWeather

High: 114 degrees at Death Valley, CA
Low: 28 degrees at Bodie State Park, CA

Today’s Extremes here at my house

High: 62 degrees
Low: 53 degrees

Thanks for reading.

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