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your america today forecast
by mark vogan

southern plains
A scorcher of a Thursday ahead for you folks in the Southern Plains as yet again 100s are the rule along with 100% sunshine, no relief for folks, particularly north of Houston all the way to Oklahoma City. Dallas may be looking at it’s hottest of the year with a high which could push towards 107, even 108 degrees today, Oklahoma City you guys have a front knocking on your northern doorstep and may spark storms later today, but before that happens, it’s likely to top 100 there. Furthern South, Houston once again looks likely to miss 100, thanks to the wet soils from July, but it’s still going to be hot and humid with highs pushing 97-98 degrees. Lows tonight will drop into the mid-70s, a few spots, such as Dallas and Houston may only fall once again to around 80.
southeast & florida
As August progresses, there’s no relief from what has become a long, hot and sticky summer for the Southeast, today will be no different with widespread mid to even upper 90s, you folks in Atlanta, Charlotte, Montgomery, Birmingham could be looking at air temps in the 96-99 degree range but combine this with yet again more stifling humidity and it’s going to be dangerous to be outdoors this afternoon. It’s going to feel more like 110-115, even 120 in spots this afternoon. New Orleans, you’ll clock in at around 94, whilst low to mid-90s across Florida today. This unsettled air mass thanks to all the heat and humidity will make for a 20 to 30% chance of a pop-up shower or thudnerstorm, so be aware of that today also. Lows tonight will be widespread dropping into the mid-70s, with some urban areas that may have a tough time getting below 80.
A typical summer’s day for the Southwest where beaches along the Pacific will start cloudy and foggy with 50s, this will burn back to just offshore by this afternoon, bringing highs to arounsd 70 with a pleasant sea breeze. Downtown San Diego and up in San Francisco may actually feel the effects of the marine layers LONGER and therefore limited sun may be available even throughout the afternoon hours, therefore bringing highs down to only around 67-69 degrees, LA you should see more sun this afternoon and a high around 78. As for coastal valleys, you folks will enjoy sunshine with highs into the upper 80s, Inland Empire, low to mid-90s and yes, as always, the deserts will creep back into the 105-110 range everywhere with Palm Springs topping near 108, Las Vegas 107, Phoenix a warmer 110 whilst Death Vallay may finally lift above the 118 of the past several days and make it to around 120. Lows tonight as usual will be 50s at the coast as clouds roll back in after sunset, 60-65 in the downtowns, 70s for the deserts, upper 80s for the big desert cities.
The northern extent of a big Four Corners high will bring lots of sun and warmth to the Northwest where highs should be up to around 83 in Seattle, 85 in Portland with 60s in the mtns and 80s further inland. Further east of the N. Rockies and you have a chance of seeing some strong storms associated with the large moisture plume flowing up from Mexico which has produced daily storms across the Rockies, all thanks to a monsoonal flow. Lows tonight will drop off into the comfortable 50s!
northern plains
After a stormy day across the Northern Plains and Great Lakes, storms shall quieten down and have been confined to where the front is located further south down around the Kansas City to St Louis corridor. Today should be sunnier and quiter from N. Plains with mid-80s for the Dakotas, 83 for Minneapolis and Des Moines 87, Chicago 87, further south storms will continue along the front, though KS and SL will see much cooler temps, back into the 80! Lows tonight will be in the mid-70s for KS and SL, Around 70 for MSP and CHI and 60s further north and west.
northeast & mid-atlantic
Strong to severe storms likely today throughout the Northeast with particularly the DC, Baltimore, even Philly area which may experience some of the strongest storms as well as further west into the Ohio Valley. Maryland and Virginia may endure likewise powerful and damaging storms this afternoon. Highs for both DC and Baltimore may push towards a high of 95-96 this afternoon before that front marches into their region. Philly should touch 94, New York 93 and even up to Boston, strong late PM storms may impact you where your high will touch 88. Lows tonight will fall to only the low 70s.

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Weather Talk
By Mark Vogan


Did Russia this summer endure the perfect storm in terms of experiencing their worst heatwave in living memory?

I believe it was the “perfect storm” purely when annalysing that a series of events came together perfectly, steaming back to last winter which allowed such a torrid summer for Moscow…

1) Drought conditions effected Russia and portions of Europe steaming back to last winter.

2) The strongest El Nino since 97-98, which warmed the upper levels, therefore enhancing the European High which toasted Western Europe through June 1 to July 10. The depth of a trough which built over the North Atlantic migrated east, southeast and pushed an abnormally strong high east towards eastern Europe.

3) The combo of an abnormally strong high, depth of the trough pushing the high eastwards and the drought conditions, allowed a strong southerly flow of super hot air north from the deserts of the Middle East directly up into Russia. The arid conditions made for minimal modification of the high further north but also the LOW to the WEST and HIGH to the east set up where the southwest flow of air was aligned perfectly from the sands of the Arabian Desert up to Moscow… making for the perfect storm!

Vagaries of the Weather
India & Sub-Continental Asia Weather
By Rajesh Kapadia

Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Ok,so Mumbai is getting the required “breather”. With 22 mms of rain in Mumbai on Tuesday (vagaries estimated 20 mms), and just less than 10 mms on Wednesday, I anticipate the situation to remain “status Quo” till Saturday.

I had kept the forecast “on hold” in my last blog till Thursday, now why extend till Saturday?

A slight shift in the situation. The low has formed in the bay, and NRL has numbered it 90B, at 19.4N and 86.1E.But, many models doubt its intensification capacity. Infact, only IMD confirms its status growing to “well marked low”. Ok, might just deepen to 996 mb from current 1000mb.

But, even if it does go beyond 996 mb, it may take a day or two longer than its normal estimated speed rate.. Might just linger off the coast till Saturday.

Like the previous instance, Kerala and North Karnataka coasts will get winds, bringing in rains till Friday/Saturday, a result of the rush towards the low prior to its inland movement.

Subdued rains this week all over central and northern India. Bihar, Jharkhand and Southern W.Bengal may see an increase in rainfall Friday/Saturday, as the low intensifies.

Thursday thru Saturday for Mumbai: Showers of passing nature, not persistent, with sunny intervals. Day temperature, hitherto around 28c, will creep up to 30/31c. Around 10-15 mms/day.No hindrances !

With 2 months to go, touching the 2500 mms mark (100″) should not be difficult for Mumbai Colaba.Like mentioned earlier, the all time record for Colaba stands at

Lakes supplying water to Mumbai, have received good rains on Monday and Tuesday. In these 2 days, Modak Sagar 165 mms, Upper Vaitarna has got 170 mms, Bhatsa 112 mms, Tulsi 105 mms, mms, Tansa 123 mms and Vihar 63 mms.

This has increased the storage stock . The stock as on 3rd August, year wise is:

2005: 11.36 lmlitres.

2006: 12.24 lmlitres

2007: 7.20 lmlitres

2008: 6.80 lmlitres

2009: 7.20 lmlitres

2010: 9.00 lmlitres.


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Today’s Extremes here at my house

High: 65 degrees
Low: 49 degrees

Thanks for reading.

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