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On Weather & Climate Through the Eyes of Mark Vogan

Kouqian town in Jilin province has been overwhelmed by floodwaters
Image Courtesy of the BBC

northeast, u.s.a
American Northeasterners getting use to the Tropical-Rainforest Summer Pattern, back to the haze, humidity and 90s today!
See YOUR AMERICA TODAY FORECAST under “northeast & mid-atlantic”

china, asia 
Flooding traps 30,000 in Chinese town
BBC Weather

china, asia 
Summer floods continue in southern China
BBC Weather

pakistan, asia
Pakistan Plane Crashes Amidst Clouds, Rain
AccuWeather News

peru, south america 
Children suffer in Peru’s big freeze
BBC Weather

your america today forecast
by mark vogan
southeast & florida
Due to a westward push of an upper-level, the same one that tore apart Bonnie, this will mean a descrease in moisture and indeed the chance of thunderstorms for areas east of Lake Charles, LA to Pensacola, Fla, points to the north should also remain mostly sunny and hot as the upper low moves out and the westward advance of the Bermuda high will help push readings to perhaps the highest levels of the year so far for New Orleans where I’m looking for a high this afternoon of 95 degrees. From Memphis to Atlanta, into the Carolinas and well as southbound into Florida, highs will be hot with low to mid-90s covering much of the Southeast with Atlanta likely topping near 94 with a low overnight down to a mere 76. Charlotte should warm towards 93 with a low around 75. As for the Sunshine State, we’re looking for a very hot day with highs pushing towards 100 in Jacksonville, Orlando 97, Tampa 96 and even down in Miami it will likely eye 94. Humidity from Lake Charles to New Orleans to Pensacola will likely be in the mid to upper 70s, combine this with mid to upper 90s and it’s going to feel dangerously hot, close to 110 or even slightly higher in some spots… Lows tonight in Florida will drop to the mid-70s inland, near 80 to even 81 at the beaches. Thunderstorms are likely for most areas across the region except for the area from Lake Charles, LA to Birmingham to Pensacola.
northeast & mid-atlantic
OK, folks… you know the drill by now right? Yes, you’ve guessed it. Hot, hazy and humid with 90s across the entire I-95 corridor today under strong sunshine. Even up in Boston, you guys will warm to I think 93 degrees today with NO natural Atlantic AC for the city with the exceptions of the immediate beaches, Long Island beaches may to be the place to go if your within the New York area where a high will top around 92 degrees, Long Island mid-80s and perhaps 82-84 degrees for the beaches from Coney Island to Montauk, L.I. Jersey will see inland low to mid-90s, mid-80s along the Jersey Shore and yes, whilst inland towards Trenton and Philly, it’s going to be another scorcher if your walking around Center City in your business suit and looking for the nearest place to have lunch. Look for a high around 93 degrees and an even more uncomfortable 95 for both Baltimore and DC, nearer 90 along the Chesapeake Bay, less cooling there than you’d expect thanks to water temps in the upper 80s and of course the warmth off the DELMARVA which shelters true cooling from the open Atlantic Ocean. Lows tonight will fall to the upper 60s across rural areas, mid to upper 70s for the cities.  
Yet again the residents from Seattle-Portland to Spokane, WA will enjoy abundant sunshine and midsummer warmth with highs along the urban corridor of SEA to PORT warming to 80 and 86 respectively, 60s and 70s throughout the Cascades and 80s, 90s and even the odd 100 for areas across the interior! Lows range from the 50s at the beaches as well as I-95 corridor, 30s and 40s across the mtns and 50s and 60s east of the mtns. 
The slightly cooler weather map will once again continue today with a slightly shallower marine layer, meaning a faster burnoff of morning clouds and fog back to the coast and an ever so slight creep up in temps though overall temps will be uniformly below normal by a few degrees once again like yesterday and previous days. Expect highs around 70 at the along the S. Cal beaches, 75 across the LA Basin whilst mid-60s along the Northern Calif beaches, 70 for Downtown San Francisco, 80 for SFO. Most high desert communities such as Lancaster and Palmdale in the Antelope valley, Victorville in the Apple Valley into the mid to even upper 90s today, whilst Barstow may warm to around 100, that’s quite nice for this time of year. As for coastal valleys and Inland Empire as well as the inland Bay Area highs will warm under plenty of sunshine to between 90-94 degrees, upper 90s for the Sacramento and San Joaquin valley communities. The hottest places as always will be in the low desert where highs should top around 100-105 for Palm Springs, Las Vegas to Phoenix AREAS INCLUDING LAS VEGAS MAY SEE THUNDERSTORMS TODAY AS WELL AS MANY MOUNTAIN COMMUNITIES… Lows will be in the 50s along the coast and LA basin as well as across San Francisco, 60s for coastal valleys and canyons where fog penetrates inland areas, exposed to the marine flow, 70s for the deserts and mid to upper 80s for the major cities of Las Vegas and Phoenix. 
northern plains
After the hot, humid, stormy day from Williston, ND to Rochester, MN yesterday,behind the front, today will be cooler, much less humid and there will be abundant sunshine. Meanwhile the front will be positioned further south and east today and shall effect areas from Kansas City to St Louis on to Chicago and Detroit today where highs should warm towards 86-90 (Low to mid-90s for KS and SL) with muggy air flowing north and will help fire thunderstormsalong the front which calmed down during the overnight and will resume fire with today’s heating, some storms, like yesterday, will turn severe. Look for a high of 82-84 for the Dakotas and Minnesota with a high around 83 for Minneapolis with lows falling into the pleasant low 60s. This combined with calm skies will make for ideal sleeping.
southern plains
The Bonnie-destroyer! The Upper-Low will once again the tropical donwpour impules that have been persistently the rule across Texas, pulling heat and copious amounts of moisture.. Add in some heat to between 88-92 with dew points in the low to mid-70s and BANG storms pop-up day after day with the upper low the battery of energy… Expect showers and storms through Texas and up into Oklahoma today with highs uniformly in the 90-94 degree range and a tropical feel to the air. Tonight lows will drop off to the upper 60s across west Texas and Oklahoma, mid 70s over the central region and upper 70s from Oklahoma City to Houston (generally between 76-78), around 80 along the Gulf coast.

Today’s Weather across America
From AccuWeather

Ultra-Hot Weather to Leave Northeast, May Not Return
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Southern Frog Stranglers to Continue
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Severe Weather Threatens the Great Lakes Today
By Kristina Pydynowski, Senior Meteorologist

Weather Talk
By Mark Vogan


As mentioned in yesterday’s Weather Talk, the heat that’s been blistering areas more known for extreme cold, wouldn’t be so hot if it weren’t for the drought conditions that settled in during the late winter as wellas the the intensity of the high that became strong and sprawled out across much of the European continental, then the major key for Moscow! A strong trough swung in off the North Atlantic which nudged the massive, hot high east, the flow turned southwest and south as the trough and high interacted and forced hot, dry air into Moscow bringing a series of unprecidented hot days which have entered the upper 90s and unusually warm nights have also contributed.

Vagaries of the Weather
India & Sub-Continental Asia Weather
By Rajesh Kapadia

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Stage 1 of our estimate is surprisingly on schedule. Today, 28th. we see the formation of a 1002 mb low off the A.P./Orissa coast. Like I mentioned, this should now deepen, to at least 996 mb for a “major” effect along its path,( Whichever path it takes) and along the west coast. But contrary to my expectations, it is precariously close to the coast, and i feel it may not deepen much. Anyway, lets wait i see, i may be proved wrong. Also we see the winds picking up along the Kerala/Karnataka coast, rushing towards the nascent low. See map of accumalated rains). Hope my presentation is clear and precise this time ! 🙂

We see the monsoon axis, seasonal trough, running along the line joining the seasonal low in Sindh, thru a 1002 mb low embedded in the trough towards the new low in the bay. Hence, we could see some rains along this line next 2 days. The erstwhile low, having drenched Gujarat, has weakened into the sindh desert, and should dissipate by tomorrow. Rainfall along the sindh coast and interiors will decrease and diminish from Thursday evening, as the low dissipates.

Mumbai,utilise this lull till the new low deepens and crosses the coastline. (Maybe by Thursday night/Friday??)

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Today’s US Extremes
Courtesy of AccuWeather

High: 118 degrees at Death Valley, CA
Low: 31 degrees at Bodie State Park, CA

Today’s UK Extremes
Courtesy of the Met Office

High: 77 degrees at Heathrow (Greater London)
Low: 47 degrees at Aboyne (Aberdeenshire)
Today’s Extremes Here at my house

High: 65 degrees
Low: 57 degrees

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