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your america today forecast
by mark vogan

northeast & mid-atlantic
The very high pressure cell that brought not only sunny skies for days to the Mid-Atlantic and entire Northeast but low dew points and very comfortable highs in the 70s to low 80s all the way down to Washington DC and Richmond, Virginia alkong with crisp nights in the 50s and 60s will continue sliding eastward today and therefore a warmer, moister air flow out of the tropics will build heat north and eastwards today. Highs are likely to top 88-90 for Washington, 88 for Philadelphia, 87 for New York and 85 for Boston, lows tonight will fail to fall below 70 degrees as dew points creep up. Boston and the rest New England will get into the mid-60s with perhaps 50s in central New England, 40s within the mountains. By tomorrow the high will be to the east and therefore the blowtorch cranks highs into the UPPER 90s from DC to New York, lows will fail to drop below 80 tomorrow tonight!! STAY TUNED AS MORE DETAILS WILL BE POSTED ON THE BLOG!! 
Along the coast from San Francisco to San Diego, clouds and fog breaks and strips back to the ocean by midmorning and highs should push into the low to mid-70s. Lows drop back to near coastal waters temps of around 60 degrees. Inland valleys will enjoy a warm to hot afternoon under typical sunny skies with highs in the upper 80s to mid-90s and of course into the deserts highs push above 100. Las Vegas, Nevada will warm to around 104 with a low around 80 whilst Phoenix sees a decent cooling from yesterday’s 114 down to around 107 this afternoon, low there tonight should drop off to around 83.
southeast & florida
The ghost of Alex appears to be haunting Texas and the immediate Gulf Coast all the way through Florida. Though Alex has dissapated, the system has left an extremely rich, moist air mass behind and with heating, all the moisture is being used for persistent tropical downpours and thunderstorms throughout Texas, along the Gulf Coast and all the way down Florida. HOWEVER inland from the Gulf Coast and away from Texas, there is mostly sunny to completely sunny skies, relatively low humidity and comfortably warm temperatures with highs ranging from 85-88 degrees. Lows tonight will drop below 70 for many areas thanks to drier air, anywhere from Birmingham to Atlanta to Charlotte! Across Texas, the Gulf coast and down into Florida where tropical downpours and thunderstorms are likely, highs will be in the mid to upper 80s, but those 80s will be worse thanks to super saturated air due to the remnant leftovers of Alex and the new low now spinning off Louisiana’s coast. Dew points will uniformly be in the mid to upper 70s with real feels well into the 90s and some spots between Texas to Florida may have dew points push the low 80s!, Lows tonight will struggle to get below 78-80 for many areas.
It will be a glorious day across the PNW with mostly sunny skies and coastal highs around 65 degrees from Portland up to Seattle, 70s to low 80s east of the mountains. Lows tonight range from coastal mid to upper 50s, 40s in the mountains and around 60 over eastern WA and OR.
southern plains
Texas and Oklahoma will endure yet another day in the tropics! Alex’s remants plaque Texas and Oklahoma with cloudy, tropical dew points and heavy, torrential downpours. Highs should once again top around 84-87 from Houston to Dallas to Lubbock with high thunderstorms and downpour risk for pretty much everywhere. Lows tonight should uniformly be in the mid-70s with around 80 as always along the Guld coast.
northern plains
An uninterupted channel of TROPICAL air and associated tropical downpours are likely once the air heats up this afternoon all the way from the western Gulf of Mexico to North Dakota and all points between. High today range from 92 at both Denver to St Louis in the south with storms likely for Denver, sunshine for St Louis to 87 at Bismarck, North Dakota and 92 for Minneapolis, both cities to the north have a 40 to 50% afternoon thunderstorm chance….  So, St Louis all the way to Chicago should see sunshine and be east of the main tropical pump which should impact further west. Amazingly, dew points will be of Gulf Coast levels all the way to Minneapolis and across to the western Dakotas, fuelling those tropical downpours and all thanks to Alex’s remnants. Lows tonight range from the 50s across the western Plains to mid-70s from St Louis to Chicago and up to Minneapolis.

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Weather Talk
By Mark Vogan

Friday: Phoenix’s 114 verses Las Vegas’s 102, Saturday: Phoenix drops 10 degrees lower!

As Alex’s moisture surges all the way up into the Dakotas bringing heat and Gulf Coast dew points into Fargo and eastwards to Minneapolis, pressure lower over the Deserts. High on Friday warmed to 114 degrees at Phoenix which was the 2nd time in only days Phoenix peaked at the highest level of 2010 so far. As for Las Vegas, pressures where markedly lower therefore explaining the 12-degree temperatures spread between the two largest desert cities, often there will be a spread in temperature of perhaps 4-5 degrees and not usually double-digit differences. The highest pressures are now shifted from the Northern Plains towards the East Coast where upper 90s will be had tomorrow from Richmond, Virginia to Trenton and Newark, New Jersey. The trough in the PNW also held Las Vegas heat at bay whilst stronger ridging was intact over south-central Arizona into the Lower Colorado River Valley, you’ll find with Las Vegas being 300 miles northwest of Phoenix, troughs dropping into the PNW trim Vegas’s heat much easier than a more southerly Phoenix where pressures tend to always be strongest. More often than not, the ridge over Arizona can be pushed a little over northernb Arizona but often it’s strength over Phoenix is stronger than the trough and therefore, the trough bounces and is deflected eastwards.

This graphic from The Weather Channel illustrates well low just over Monterrey, Mexico, another over Denver and the third over Frago. Note the hose pipe of moisture surging all the way to eastern North Dakota and as of now is producing torrential rains and I’m sure some damaging storms. All in association with Alex’s remnant low which is still present and can be seen in that graphic above over N. Mexico. The trough in the PNW and the ridge now centered over Virginia is channelling all that moisture north from Mexico where major flooding occured around Monterrey into the eastern Dakotas and Minnesota. Strong to severe thunderstorms are erupting as tropical dew points in the 70s go as far north as southern Canada.

Friday into Saturday morning was also very warm across the Northern Plains thanks to the high dew points.


Note the 74 at International Falls and 77 at Fargo for the low. Lows tomorrow morning should be comparable if not a little warmer as dew points are around 70 even at Duluth…

Vagaries of the Weather
India & Sub-Continental Asia Weather
By Rajesh Kapadia

Saturday, July 03, 2010

The system,UAC, discussed yesterday, has moved fast westwards, and, now seems to be over Gujarat. Well, that is at least 12 hrs faster than forecasted in this blog yesterday. Its “whizzing” quite fast !

Anyway, at the time of writing this blog, its already pouring heavy rains in Gujarat, and Mumbai’s expectations from the system, in terms of rain were pretty well met with.

Mumbai: Saturday was a rainy day, with frequent heavy spells. The highest rain from 10 am to 10 pm, Saturday, was at Worli, where 184 mms of rain was recorded. Dadar was next with 158 mms. Colaba got 102 mms of rain, while it was 40 mms at Santa Cruz. Vile Parle collected 83 mms of precipitation. The Municipal HQ at CST recieved 83 mms of rain.

Quite a big variation from place to place within the city. Our blog estimate (for Mumbai) was of around 80 mms for Saturday.

For Mumbai,I expect the rains to taper off from Sunday afternoon. About 35-40 mms on Sunday.

The system should move away, and weaken fast.

Read our partner’s blog post in full HERE!

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Today’s US Extremes
Courtesy of AccuWeather

High: 111 degrees at Death Valley, CA
Low: 27 degrees at Bryce Canyon, UT

Today’s UK Extremes
Courtesy of the Met Office

High: 80 degrees at Charlwood (Surrey)
Low: 45 degrees at Exeter Airport (Devon)

Today’s Extremes here at my house

High: 68 degrees
Low: 56 degrees

A mixed day with sunshine and cloud with breezy conditions… Rains pushed in late in the evening!

Thanks for reading.

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