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Weather Talk
By Mark Vogan



The entire eastern half of North America yesterday, today and tomorrow are in for some true summertime heat as the Upper ridge builds and produces 90s way way up into Northern Ontario where Moosonee, along the south shore of Hudson Bay peaked at 91 degrees yesterday and Kapuskasing warmed to an impressive 93 degrees. Many records are expected to fall today and tomorrow across New England as 90s push up into Burlington, Vt. This heat and a nearby weather system may spark a severe weather outbreak for New England and southern Ontario, Quebec and into the Atlantic provinces…

Whilst it’s hot in the East, it’s cold and snowy out West where Salt Lake, Utah has seen record snows.


The city of Jacobabad, Pakistan topped a fierce high today (Tues) of 126 degrees (52C) and AccuWeather.com are forecasting a high of 130 degrees tomorrow (Wed). If this was to occur it would be a mere 6 degrees shy of the world record and 4 degrees sky of the second warmest temperature ever measured on earth which was 134 degrees recorded at Death Valley, Calif.

Pakistan has be enduring major heat for weeks now in the 115-122 degree range and it appears the heat wave is “peaking”. India isn’t much cooler where highs are topping in and around the 120 degree mark. This morning saw a low of 95 degrees at Nagpur, according to my partner blog author Rajesh Kapadia who resides in Mumbai, be sure to check out his blog in the link below. I’m sure he’ll have a lot of information about this stunning heat tomorrow.


After the UK reported it’s warmest temps of the year with a peak of 84 degrees recorded at Heathrow Airport which is within Greater London, yesterday (Mon). Charlwood, also within Greater London also topped 83 degrees. Even up here in Scotland we saw record heat over the weekend with RAF Leuchers in Fife warming to 79 degrees on Saturday which became Scotland’s warmest May day on record, Both Glasgow and Edinburgh warmed into the mid to upper 70s and a spot within the Borders enjoyed a high of 78 degrees… My house peaked at 76 degrees over the weekend.

Now, we’re back in the low 60s and upper 50s today and shall remain that way the rest of the week across Scotland with showers and more in the way of cloud up north. England will be confined to the 60s with maximums falling shy of 70 degrees even for London and the south… A solid 20 degree or more drop from yesterday.


This storm system IS showing signs of “tropical characteristics” however it appears to be getting sheared, leaving the entire southern side exposed and open, only when thunderstorms can blow up and maintain themselves over top and around the center of circulation will this thing become TROPICAL… It’s likely to push a decent amount of moisture onto the Carolina coastline and spark strong storms across the East over the next day or so. More on this later.

Vagaries of the Weather
India and sub-continental Asia Weather
By Rajesh Kapadia

 Coming Shortly!

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* Record heat Monday, 94 at St. Cloud, 95 in the Twin Cities, 93 at Eau Claire, WI. A complete list of Monday’s highs from the local NWS office can be found here.
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Today’s US Extremes
Courtesy of AccuWeather

High: 97 degrees at Hammond, LA
Low: 19 degrees at Stanley, ID

Today’s Extremes here at my house

High: 65 degrees
Low: 49 degrees

TODAY CONDITIONS: Though cooler and sharply cooler in the east with a breeze blowing off the North Sea where I was in Bathgate/Livingston, W. Lothian, the sun was still warm feeling when out and skies remained mostly sunny for much of the day making it a very pleasant day even though it wasn’t as warm.

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