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Photo of Brighton Beach on Saturday (courtesy of Daily Mail)

Warm spell over for Scotland & Northern Ireland but Wales & southern England to see UK’s warmest temperatures yet with highs ranging from 80-82 in Cardiff to 84-87 for Greater London tomorrow

Story By Mark Vogan

As the weather dramatically changes tune tomorrow as the showers and cool air has always lingered over the North Coast or just off it, it’s finally nosing it’s way southwards and tomorrow will be very very different for Northern Ireland and Scotland as clouds and showers roll in from the Highlands and instead of enjoying refreshing breezes and mid-70s yet again today we may have a tough time warming to the mid-60s! The High that’s been producing all the warm, sunny weather has been shunted south by a trough and thus we are seeing intensifying pressure heights to the south of a frontal boundary that will be what brings down those temps, clouding over those skies and indeed producing showers…

High pressure dynamics which is allowing a possible 30C high for London and south tomorrow

The rise in pressure heights I mention is due to the pushing of the trough, winds will return from a more northerly direction and this cool pocket as it presses south will put pressure of the sub-tropical high which has bee responsible for the amazing warm, sunny weather this weekend, this retreat of the high will not only press the “core of the high pressure” down over southern Britain, which will help produce stronger surface warmth but will intensify due to pressure from the trough to the north, which will aid in further heating the southern half of Britain, likely bringing the warmest temps yet to Britain. Remember the stronger the high (raise atmospheric pressure to higher levels) then you can witness warmer temperatures on the ground as the air commences the sinking at greater heights, sinking air compressures and heats as it decends and therefore we should see warmer surface temps if winds are light and clouds are generally absent which they will be with pressures this high. With very strong “upper-level atmospheric pressure”, the atmosphere “caps” itself, reducing the lapse rate and when warmer the air aloft, you supress the ability for the atmosphere to form clouds.

Today’s Weather across America
From AccuWeather

Pre-season system being monitored in tropical Atlantic

More tornadoes possible on Plains through tonight

Weather Talk
By Mark Vogan

Note the high over southern Britain but the cooler air and lower heights now over the north. This cooler air will back covering all of Britain by Wed.


With the trough supressing and flattening out the upper ridge that’s warmed the UK this past 5 days will retreat south as a trough begins to push back down across the UK. This should help warm areas of the Med that should be warm and getting warmer this time of year. We can see temps building over the Sahara and Middle East and of course those highs continue to gruel the land of India & Pakistan with the warmest temperatures on the planet. Soon the core of warmest air on earth will begin to shift more to the west over the Middle East deserts of Iraq, Iran and Saudi and surrounding landlocked countries that support both extremely powerful high pressure cells as well as tremendous surface heat. Same for the vast Sahara. Britain will see highs tomorrow of 60s for the north and 80s for the south, a much larger temperature spread compared to the past 5-days in which the UK resembled that of the Med that UK… By mid week ALL of Britain should have temps more normal with highs only warming into the upper 60s to around 70 for London, rather than low to mid-80s. 

Don’t fret, folks of the UK, this warmth is a taster of things to come… By Mid-June we may settle into a long-term drier, warmer, sunnier than normal weather pattern which may last for much of the period between mid-June and mid-August….

Those travelling soon to Spain, Greece and all Med surrounding countries, the heat is soon to be on and on for the rest of the summer.

Note by Thursday the trough is back down over UK bringing cooler, more unsettled weather, also notice the warming across the Mediterannean.

India and sub-continental Asia Weather
By Rajesh Kapadia
Vagaries of the Weather

Readings as on 23rd. May:

Hottest in Asia: Sibi and Nawabshah (Both Pakistan): 50c

Hottest in India: Churu (Rajasthan): 47.7

Hottest Nights:Bikaner:32.9c,Chandigarh:32c, Sibi and Larkana(Pakistan):32c

Mumbai day temperatures Colaba:36.0c, Mumbai S’Cruz:34.5c.And 29.2c the minimum.


Next few days, Mumbai will have partly cloudy skies, hot and humid, with nights possibly going upto 30c.

What’s Reaching Today’s Blogs?
None today!
As my week progresses, the blog posts may thin out somewhat with regard to info, particularly the
WEATHER TALK segment as I am in training this week for my class 1 HGV trucking license and shall be a little pressured as I will be tested on Thursday of this week…. Please bare with me… There will still be posts every day however!
Today’s US Extremes
Courtesy of AccuWeather
High: 100 degrees at Pecos, TX
Low: 15 degrees at Bodie State Park, CA
Today’s UK Extremes
Courtesy of the Met Office
High: 83 degrees at Santon Downham
Cool High: 52 degrees at Lerwick
Low: 38 degrees at Exeter Apt
Today’s Extremes here at my house
High: 76 degrees (estimated)
Low: N/A
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