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Today’s Weather Snippets: Today, the highest in Asia was 45c at Nagpur (India) and Nawabshah(Pakistan), Rajesh Kapadia His blog here…… It’s currently 41 degrees at Salt Lake, UT and 34 at Cut Bank, MT whilst it’s 93 at Midland at 99 at Pecos, TX.

NEW: Images of Hudson Bay Ice! Here

Breaking News
Threat of Tornadoes Thursday Night into Sunday
AccuWeather News Here
Exactly one week after a deadly tornado outbreak hit the U.S., a new round of severe thunderstorms, some with tornadoes, will threaten areas from the Plains to the Mississippi Valley and the South. However, not only will the threat zone cover a larger area, but will also include the risk of flooding.

Graphic Courtesy of the Weather ChannelSpecial Story By Mark Vogan
Cooldown for the West, Warm-up for the Plains brings Severe Weather threat
Whilst a deep trough dominates the American West bringing, chilly temperatures and unsettled conditions of rain, snow and wind, pressures are building east of the Rockies where warming from downslope wind flow off the Front Range as well as rising pressure heights in reaction to deepening of the trough to the west is pumping 90s and 80s well into the Plains for the first time this season and it looks likely some spots on the West Texas desert will see 100-105 degrees which will beat the warmest temperature seen this spring so far which was a mere 100 reported 3 times at the Death Valley station. The very chilly 30s and 40s with perhaps the odd 20s in sheltered, snowy mountain locations across the Rockies contrasted with the 80s, 90s and 100s east of the mountains and over the Plains, a major atmospheric fight is ready to take charge of the midsection of the country as a low pressure system is focusing the energy with it’s associated cold front which is pushing out ahead of the main storm and will threaten points from Oklahoma, Kansas all the way to Minnesota later today and through tonight and tomorrow from the UP of Michigan, down through Chicago and to Louisiana and Mississippi’s Gulf coast. The threat of tornadic storms will progress into the Ohio Valley over the weekend bringing a very real and dangerous threat of severe weathet/ Torrential downpours, frequent lightening, large hail, damaging winds and of course tornadoes is the big threat. Stay tuned to this story!

Environmental issues worsen in Gulf spill
USA Today Here

(VIDEO) Temperatures fall for the coming bank holiday weekend
 BBC Weather Here

Germany, France, Bask in 2010’s Warmest So Far
AccuWeather Here

Today’s Weather across America
From AccuWeather

Damaging Winds Threaten Albuquerque, El Paso
AccuWeather Here

Warm Surge Heading to the Northeast
AccuWeather Here

Weather Talk
By Mark Vogan

Whilst Britain endures a cool, unsettled pattern, major warmth spreads across interior Europe

Though the northern half of the UK has remained cool and damp, the southern half has been warmer, drier and sunnier, recieving the effects of a ridge built up across France, Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium and other surrounding countries which has brought unusual 80s, 15-20F above normal for late April. This means it’s very understandable how the southeast corner of Britain warmed to 72 degrees on Wednesday which was the warmest so far. Indeed stronger heights across the mainland of Europe and locations further away from moderating oceanic influences allow stronger warming as well as influences downslope winds off local mountain ranges which can also produce even stronger localised warming, raising the temperature to downwind locales sometimes 5-10 degrees warmer than the surrounding area (the downslope of the US Rockies is a great example of this effect) away from the downslope, compressional warming influence. Britain of course is surrounded by cool waters as well as being a relatively small island, therefore the warming is never quite as pronounced as points on the European landmass..

Check out AccuWeather’s article on the 80s found across Western Europe above in the “Today’s Top Weather Stories” section.

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Southern California and Arizona Snow/Big Changes Coming
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W.D. may Lessen Heat Temporarily
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It Starts Today
Elliot Abrams, Northeast US, AccuWeather Here

Stuck Between a Rock and a Hard Place
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Today’s US Extremes
Courtesy of AccuWeather

High 99 degrees at Pecos, TX
Low 10 degrees at Mammoth Lakes, CA

Today’s UK Extremes
Courtesy of the Met Office

Warmest High: 70 degrees at Charlwood (Surrey)
Coolest High: 49 degrees at Lerwick (Shetland)
Coolest Low: 42 degrees at Hurn (Dorset)

Today’s Extremes at at my house

High: 55 degrees
Low: 47 degrees

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