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Early Monsoon Onset Forecast by India Expert
AccuWeather Here

Late-Season New England Snowstorm Continues
AccuWeather Here


–Jeffersonville, Vt.: 19.0 inches
–Chasm Falls, N.Y.: 18.3 inches
–Dannemora, N.Y.: 15.5 inches
–Lyon Mountain, N.Y.: 15.5 inches
–Jericho, Vt.: 17.0 inches
–Sheldon Springs, N.Y.: 16.5 inches
–Malone, N.Y.: 14.0 inches

Weekend Flooding May Threaten Ohio & Tennessee Valleys
AccuWeather Here

Today’s Weather across America
From AccuWeather

Late-Season New England Snowstorm Continues
AccuWeather Here

Strong Winds to Blast Desert Southwest
AccuWeather Here

Storm Pummeling West with Hurricane-Force Winds
AccuWeather Here (Includes Video)


–Galena Creek Bridge, Nev.: 107 mph
–Ogden Peak, Utah: 95 mph
–Southwestern Reno, Nev.: 92 mph
–Vernon Hill, Utah: 82 mph
–Walker, Calif.: 82 mph

VIDEO: Bilo Breakdown: Largest Kansas Tornado Drought in 20 Years!
Kate Bilo, AccuWeather Here

Weather Talk
By Mark Vogan

Despite snow in the New England mountains, late season storminess across California and the West and warmth spreading up through the Plains, the weather is kinda boring at the moment as here in the UK, things have cooled off with today a fairly cool, dull dreary day with modest temps, neither cool nor warm after a morning of heavy rain and a brisk south wind… The SE od England likely topped near 70 today but all of the UK is cooler and the unsettled pattern resumes for England continues for Scotland..

It appears the Southwest US will remain fairly cool with no major heat for at least the next 5-day period, where as the Plains may enjoy some warming as the trough over the Rockies and West helps eleivate temps east of the Rockies with building heights downwind of the trough combined with downslope of the Front Range.

Experts appear confident that the Indian Monsoon will arrive early.. A curse and a blessing. A blessiing in terms of heat relief, a curse from the usual events which follow monsoon rains such as flooding and often damage and death.

What’s Reaching Today’s Blogs?

Storm totals

Valley Weather (Quebec, Canada) Here

Gone With the Wind-Part 2
Ken Clark, AccuWeather Here

Western Siberia Temperature Flip in April
Jim Andrews, International Weather, AccuWeather Here

Snow In The West, Snow In The East, Cold All Over
Jesse Ferrell, AccuWeather Here

Big Hail, Possible Tornadoes in Pennsylvania Sunday
Jesse Ferrell, AccuWeather Here

Today’s US Extremes
Courtesy of AccuWeather

High: 100 degrees at Death Valley, CA
Low: 16 degrees at Land O Lakes, WI

Today’s UK Extremes
Courtesy of the Met Office

Warmest High: 72 degrees at Gravesend (Kent)    ***Warmest temperature in UK in 2010!
Coolest High: 52 degrees at Baltasound (Shetland)
Coolest Low: 38 degrees at Hurn (Dorset)

Today’s Extremes at my house

High: 56 degrees
Low: 48 degrees

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