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WEATHER NEWS & UPDATE SNIPPETS: For the on-going Heat and drought issues in India check out (regularly) to Rajesh Kapadia’s “Vagaries of the Weather” blog for always great and interesting information he shares, link below!
**Currently it’s 99 degrees at Death Valley, whilst not far away Mammoth Lakes, Ca is only 42 degrees… in Montreal, Quebec it’s 32 degrees and snowing, 37 at Burlington, Vt! very cool across all of Northeast US with only 69 down to Baltimore, Md… 

Today’s Photo Courtesy of the Valley Weather Blog

canada, north america
A Warm Quebec spring doesn’t mean it can’t snow!
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california, u.s.a
Storm Pummeling West with Hurricane-Force Winds
AccuWeather News Here

new zealand, australasia
Torrential rain pounds New Zealand’s South Island
Matt Taylor, BBC Weather Here

louisiana, u.s.a
Oil Spill Area Has Grown to 15 Times the Size of Manhattan
AccuWeather News Here

Today’s Weather across America
From AccuWeather

Today’s Big Story!
Late-Season Pacific Storm Slamming the West
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Frost and Freeze Tonight in Northeast, Great Lakes
AccuWeather News Here

Mountain Snow in the Northeast Could Cut Power
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Today’s Accu Videos

VIDEO: Extreme Weather Madness: Another Big Outbreak on the Way
Henry Margusity, AccuWeather Here

VIDEO: The Chill Remains in the Northeast, but Big Warmup is Coming
Evan Myers & Bernie Rayno, AccuWeather Here

VIDEO: Powerful Storms Rip through Florida
Marc Mancuso, AccuWeather Here

Weather Talk
By Mark Vogan

Californians have to wait a bit longer for summer!

After Death Valley, yesterday topped 100 degrees for the first time and first spot in the US in 2010,  everywhere from the beaches of LA to Death Valley are to cool once again as a storm system brings high winds of beyond 100 mph, heavy rain, mountain snows and heavy rain to northern and central California, temps are to fall off from Crescent City to Oceanside as the trough, a major trough of cold air aloft pushes down…. 60s to around 70 for LA to showers possible tonight there… Heavier rains and wind expected more so further north of the LA basin and Southern California… We could perhaps see another 100 today for Death Valley, if, upper 90s are likely before cloudiness rolls in and highs tomorrow are trimmed…

Scots frustrated at the southeast of England’s warmth but everywhere across the UK is to cool off

Whilst it remained “mild” here with a 59 degree high at my house under heavy clouds and periods of rain, some heavy around 5-7pm, a pocket of clear skies have allowed temperatures around London and on south into Kent to push to positively summer-like 70s under sunny skies. Tomorrow we may see 72 or 73 degree around Greater London before cooler, more unsettled weather returns to ALL of the UK including more unsettled weather for here over the next 5-day period… (check back often to “Weather Talk” for British weather updates.

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India’s Meteorological Department Calls for Near-Normal Monsoon Rainfall
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Pre-Monsoon Rains and Indian Heat
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Winds Gusting Over 100 MPH In The West
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Cleaner Air = Accelerated Warming?
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Today’s US Extremes
Courtesy of USA Today

High: 100 degrees at Death Valley, CA
Low: 16 degrees at Harrisburg, NE

Today’s UK Extremes
Courtesy of the Met Office

Warmest High: 70 degrees at Heathrow (London)
Coolest High: 45 degrees at Lerwick (Shetland)
Coolest Low: 33 degrees at Sennybridge (Powys)

Today’s Extremes at my house

High: 59 degrees
Low: 44 degrees

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