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Weather Talk
By Mark Vogan

A Taste of the Med coming soon for Brits?

It may feel cold out there now, but believe me, this exact weather pattern at the moment is shaping a long-term warm, dry summer which lies ahead not far from now.

There are key things to remember, yes we have enjoyed some nice warm days under brilliant sunshine. Now it feels cold in that wind, not so much when the sun shines and it’s not windy… That’s because it’s April and anytime sun shines at this point, it’s a warm “feeling” sun as it’s beaming more directly over our heads, rather than further on the horizon.

An Anticyclone (high pressure) has dominated much of this month, we have enjoyed 60s to near 70 (15-20C) and now it’s chilly, at times very chilly, but the same high that brought near 70-degree warmth, is the same one bringing cold winds and at times a sleety mix within rain showers. It’s all about where the high is centered and thus where the winds are blowing from. The core or center of the high was almost directly over the UK just around or slightly over a week ago and therefore little or no wind and warmer weather prevailed, now the the center of high pressure away from us, those winds which blow clockwise are now whistling over us and bringing cold winds and showers from time to time. We have been unfortunate and fortunate at the same time…. Fortunate that we have high pressure and therefore “predominantly dry weather” but unfortunate in the sense that, the high and where it’s been positioned has brough the very worst air travel chaos in history. The eruption in Iceland and high pressure over the Atlantic was a “perfect storm” scenario in terms if disruption, but thankfully not a worst case scenario.

Anyway, many Aprils have been cold and a washout with hardly a dry day… Though you may shiver. What I am saying here is this… The drier than what could be pattern” is though cool, it’s quite possibly allowing the soils to dry out, critical in supporting nice hot temperatures later when sub-tropical highs migrate towards Britain and I fully anticipate their presense to dominate our skies for the most part. If we had of had a very wet pattern this month, we likely wouldn’t have a very warm summer or warm spell to any great degree as a strong sun and even strong high in the right place to support hot surface reading. The moist soils for a wet April or May would have stole some of the sun’s earthbound rays to evaporation. Nice dry weather for a large chunk of spring, can both allow dry soils which feed to the atmosphere and encourage high pressure overhead but also less soil moisture will both dry out the air and allow less work from the sun’s rays for heating the ground and warming up the air rather than evaporation.

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Today’s US Extremes
Courtesy of AccuWeather

High: 91 degrees at Pecos, TX
Low: 2 degrees at Bodie State Park, CA

Todays UK Extremes
Courtesy of the Met Office

Warmest High: 61 degrees at Dunkeswell (Devon)
Coolest High:  42 degrees at Loch Glascarnoch (Highland)
Coolest Low: 23 degrees at Redesdale Camp (Tyne and Wear)

Todays Extremes at my house

High 55 degrees
Low 31 degrees (Frost)

Thanks for reading.

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