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what’s on today?
todays top weather stories: latest information on the european air travel crisis, earthquake in papua new guinea
today’s weather across america: latest stories from accuweather
weather talk: could eyjafjallajokull’s eruption effect a predicted “warm summer” in britain?
what’s reaching today’s blogs? 86 mph winds in pennsylvania t-storms by jesse ferrell

Today’s Top Weather Stories

On Weather & Climate Through the Eyes of Mark Vogan
Breaking News
Image courtesy of the National Geographic
UK airspace once again a NO-FLY ZONE as well as a vast area of Europe including Russia
Is this a new problem we face for the next few years? How can we cope with this new problem that is ultimately deeming  an essential form of modern transportation useless
Live webcam of Eyjafjallaj√∂kull  Here
Like anything in life, we tend to not fully appreciate things until we don’t have them anymore.. Like air travel across the World right now, it’s simply astonishing at just how much we depend upon air travel these days and how much it literally cripples the world at so many different levels, whether it be holiday makers stranded abroad. essential meetings which can’t take place because people can’t get to where they want to go… What if a natural disaster was to occur in a region that has “closed airspace”? What if this continues even for just a few weeks??
-Mark Vogan
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Experts: No end to volcano ash in sight
CNN Here

Experts: “Worst travel disruption world has ever seen”
The Weather Channel/Associated Press Here

in other news reaching the headlines

6.3-magnitude quake strikes Papua New Guinea
CNN Here

Today’s Weather across America

Drenching Thunderstorms May Foil Sunday Plans in Florida
AccuWeather Here

Snow Falling in New England, New York, Pennsylvania
AccuWeather Here

Flood Threat Continues in Texas, Oklahoma
AccuWeather Here

Weather Talk
By Mark Vogan

Will Eyjafjallajokull effect the predicted “warm summer” for the United Kingdom?

The effects from this current volcano in Iceland really should only be, continued travel chaos and I say travel chaos as a whole becuase the elimination right now of air transportation and the years of increased dependency of this form of transportation has meant when the system goes down like we have right now in one of the busiest sections of airspace on the planet, all other forms of transportation are stressed to their limits… Even Asia, Australasia, North America and Africa where there is no ash cloud for thousnads of miles, the impact is there as a lot of traffic from these other sections of the world fly to the NO-FLY ZONE and that’s a real problem.

This is becoming a disaster and I don’t see any resolve right now and for the immediate future as it looks apparanent that even when flights resume, how long will be take before they are told they can’t fly again?

As of the current state of affairs with this thing. Weather won’t be altered UNLESS we see Katla blow (the other BIGGER volcano nearby to Eyjafjallajokull and it shoots ash and everything else that goes with it into the very highest reaches of the atmosphere in which it can be trapped for years and can freely circle the planet, therefore bringing potential cooling, by how quick could earth cool? That being said, even at that, some sources say that it’s really “tropical volcanic activity” that are the “quick global weather changers” so even if Katla blows it’s top, it may still not really effect the kind of summer I’m forecasting. More on this later.

What’s Reaching Today’s Blogs?

Pennsylvania Thunderstorms Cause 86 MPH Winds
Jesse Ferrell, AccuWeather Here

Todays US Extremes
courtesy of AccuWeather

High 96 degrees at Death Valley, CA
Low 20 degrees at Sunset Crater, AZ

Today’s UK Extremes
courtesy of the Met Office

Warmest High 65 degrees at Sutton Bonington
Coolest High 45 degrees at Lerwick (Shetland)
Coolest Low 26 degrees at Katesbridge (Co Down)

Todays Extremes here at my House

High 55 degrees
Low 42 degrees

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