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Special story by mark vogan on whether earth’s surface and atmosphere is becoming more extreme?
weather talk: Scotland and rest of Britain outlook for the rest of this week
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On Weather & Climate Through the Eyes of Mark Vogan

Breaking News: Hundreds feared dead in Chinese earthquake CNN Click Here for the latest

Many across the world have either experienced nothing, a tremor or are completely rebuilding their lives from earthquakes that appear to have seen a rapid rise in activity anywhere from Haiti to Mexico and now to China…. Many fear, I I can understand why as it seems like every week there is yet another earthquake or we have volcanic eruptions in Iceland which according to news sources today, evacuations are happening for sections of Iceland… The big questions are these…. is activity on the rise?, why? who next and what does all this mean? It appears to me that the earth’s surface is undergoing quite the moment lately and one earthquake may be sending “ripples” across earth’s fragile crust. A jolt in one place is likely to send a shock through the system and therefore it’s not hard to see where this “ripple or jolt” could trigger another shake somewhere else. These earthquakes are all linked I believe and it appears that through history we have seen times of higher activity.. Like the earth has seen periods of warmth and periods of cool, it’s the same for earthquakes and volcanoes… What all this really means I do not know what it sure is interesting times in which we live in…. The weather and climate also appears to go through periods where weather events appear to ramp up and we often see a series of “extreme” weather events which start to panic folks or global warming gets mentioned again… Long and short of it, the earth always has seen rises and falls in both extreme weather, depending upon what kind of weather pattern is in place at any one time… A region that’s suffering extreme heat or cold is likely bringing the opposite somewhere else in order to counterbalance and a way for the atmosphere and earth’s thermostat to find equilibrium… I believe it’s the same for earthquakes and volcanoes… Like waves on an ocean.. where you get a strong wind blowing… waves build, peak and then “gradually” calm.. When you get a large quake, that sends a shock throughout the system, creates jolts, even other “major quakes” somewhere else down the fault or even on another fault as these faults, like roads, ARE ALL CONNECTEDand we may see more quakes before the entire system calms down…

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Weather Talk
By Mark Vogan

All of British Isles turning more unsettled but still not too bad for mid-April

For Scotland

Generally over the next few days we are going to see a mix of sun and clouds with a chance of the odd shower, some may be heavy with even hail where some of the showers are heavy. Lows should range from between 2-6C with a ctouch of frost in rural areas outside of towns and cities and High’s should be generally between 11-15C which is close to average for the time of year.

For England

Again a similar story for England and the rest of the British Isles with clouds and not as much sun as we’d like to see however, we have been somewhat spoiled of late and this really is a general return to normal for the remainder of this workd week and into the upcoming weekend. Lows running 2-8C and highs generally ranging from only low teens where the cloud remains thicker and mid to upper teens where we see good deals of sunshine… 

Today’s Weather Across America

Snow Is Possible for Part of Northeast Saturday
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Flash Flooding Danger Unfolding for Texas, New Mexico
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A Cool Forecast by AccuWeather.com for 2010 Boston Marathon
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Today’s Graphics courtesy of AccuWeather.com

What’s Reaching Today’s Blogs?

A Well Defined Cool Weather Pattern
Elliot Abrams (Northeast US Blog), AccuWeather.com Here


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  1. Alex Cull says:

    >I'm also interested to hear about Mark's take on the possible effects of the volcanic ash, especially if the larger volcano – Katla – erupts eventually. Maybe it won't have much effect on the weather directly, but who knows? One to watch, definitely.

  2. Anonymous says:


    What do you make of this volcanic plume?

    Shall it cause Scotland to plunge into cooling?

    Will this volcanic ash have an effect on biota? Will this be similar to the eruption which killed the dinosaurs?

    Weather Watcher I

  3. Nadeem1414 says:

    >http://www.enews.pk there is detail information about weather and also what is the difference of weather and climate.

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