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Today’s Top Weather Stories FEATURE STORY: Indonesian Plane Crash
Weather Talk (By Mark Vogan): America’s First 100-degree reading running late in 2010
What’s Reaching Today’s Blogs?: West Coast Cornucopia of weather(Jesse Ferrell), Warmest Cubs home opener in 15 years (Tom Skilling) Plains Hailers (Henry Margusity) 

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Today’s Top Weather Stories
On Weather & Climate Through the Eyes of Mark Vogan

78 injured as Indonesian jet breaks in two
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south america (tsunami)
Peru glacier breaks up, causes tsunami

north america (earthquakes)
More moving and shaking, but why?
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north america (hurricanes)
Five years after Katrina, volunteers rebuild Bay St. Louis

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Today’s Weather across America

Heavy Snow, Rain and Strong Winds to Impact Northern Rockies
Mark Vogan

Anywhere from 6 to 24 inches of heavy, wet, windblown snow is expected to fall at the higher elevations of the Northern Rockies, today through tonight and into tomorrow.. This wintry precipitation is associated with a spring storm which is riding the jet stream into the Western US and is falling into a trough of very cold air that is ruling the West and bringing temps some 10 to 15 degrees below seasonal norms. This very trough is boosting the ridge to the east of the Rocky Mountains and is sending temps through the 70s and into the 80s across much of the Plains at the same time, whiteouts are occuring in Montana and Idaho.. Portions of the Sierra Nevada of Calif saw between 20 and 30 inches of snow with a report of 30 ins at Kirkwood Ski Area, just south of Lake Tahoe.

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A Rainy Tuesday Afternoon Philly to D.C.
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Dangerous Thunderstorms, Damaging Winds to Assault the Plains
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Graphics Courtesy of AccuWeather.com

Weather Talk
By Mark Vogan

America’s first 100-degree high running late in 2010!

For quite sometime now I have been meaning to check back through the USA Today’s database of National Highs and Lows over the past 10 years to see what years saw March with the first 100-degree reading and what year saw April achieve this temperature milestone, a sure indicator of summer’s rapid approach, especially in the southern states and those within desert territories…

Normally the first 100 would be seen before now, April 13th but this year appears to be running late. I recall over the last several years, March usually seeing the first 100 and that more often than not occurs in two distinct regions of the Lower 48 which begins to see ever stronger pressure heights rise above their usually hot surface for upwards of 6 months of the year… The West Texas desert or the deserts of California more often than not see the first 100 of the year where high pressure tends to form faster in reaction to both latitide position and desert feedback…. No surprise that the high’s build and really originate from the desert-belt which surrounds the planet and where high pressure is generally in control the majority of the year. This is the very reason deserts are here and the weather is more often than not, sunny.. In winter, sunny and cool, but at times warm, and in summer HOT, basically all the time appart from when we see a windshift and tropical moisture flows north from Mexico’s Baja… There are times, however when the first 100 can occur BEFORE March and this is usually when Santa Ana winds blow from the desert towards the Pacific Ocean. This strong north to northeast wind flow crosses the Coast Range of central and Southern California and DOWNSLOPE, therefore heating up through what is known as “compressional warming” and this has been know to produce 90s in January and February for LA and even 100s all the way to coastal cities like Santa Monica and Long Beach. Doesn’t happen every year but 100s along, particularly the coast of Southern California can see 100s ANYTIME of year….

From my research this afternoon. I came up with these results.

Between 2000-2009 only 4 out of those 10 years failed to see March produce the first 100-degree reading. Of course 2010’s lack of 100s, makes this 5 years which did produce a 100 before the end of March and 5 which didn’t.

The last March without a 100 before March 2010 was 2005…. The 2005 hurricane season is being used as an analog year for the 2010 hurricane season, coincidence, most likely!

Even more interesting is that in 2003 neither March OR April saw 100 and it took at the way till MAY 3 before the first 100 was recorded… In 10 years. 2003 was the only example of this extremely usual late occurance of the first 100-degree reading.

So, we’re now at April 13 and doesn’t appear as though the first 100 will be reached today… When was the last time we reached this late without seeing a 100 in the past 10 years?

2001… It took until April 17th before the first 100 was recorded which was at Gila Bend, AZ.. If we don’t reach 100 either at or before the 17th then 2010 will be the latest 100-degree occurance appart from one year since 2000 and that was 2003 which took until May 3rd… I’m sure this year will see the first 100 before May 3rd.

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