>28 March, 2010: A rough, unsettled Spring doesn’t mean a repeat of the summers of 2007, 2008 and 2009

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>Unsettled weather is practically a given at this time of year when retreating cold air fights with increasing warm air, and eventually the warm air will win as the rising sun will be the death to the cold air. but with lots of very cold air this winter, that fight may be a little more fiesty and could present to us a rather turbulant April.

After the type of winter we’ve seen, the atmosphere isn’t going to change overnight, that’s one of the reasons why I’m not surprised we have ONE LAST SNOWSTORM OF THE SEASON FOR THE BRITISH ISLES, the shrinking of cold air over the Northern Hemisphere and increase in warming from the equator means sometimes we get a tough transition period, especially after a long, harsh winter….

It’s a tough transition from winter to summer and spring can be no picnic… we must take the rough with the smooth.

SNOW is back in the forecast for Glasgow but how much remains to be seen. Like I’ve stated already, this time of year, things are a little less clear cut as the late season atmosphere reacts differently to lets say mid-winter or even just a month ago. It appears more certain that at least a covering should effect hill areas and upslode-prone hills with the focous of the heavy snow over the eastern flank of the UK landmass from Kent to Aberdeenshire.

The BBC are currently giving “Heavy snow” for Tuesday in Glasgow and as the low spins east and open the door to late season cold air that can be tapped from Scandinavia, as winds let up and rain pushes east, tonight may see a return to the 20s. The BBC is calling for 30 degrees or -1C, here we may get down to 29 degrees! Right now it’s windy with a driving rain band pushing through which is interupting a strong, beaming sun, so I guess we’re in for a loosening of winds and clearing out of skies but colder air must infultrate in in order for us to fall into the 20s.

The current low bringing us this rotten weather is going to slide east through tonight and draw down cooler air on it’s backside from the north and east, this will help bring us the 29 degree low by morning with frost formation. Then as tomorrow progresses and a fresh precip band arrives with the colder air drawn in from the north and east tonight, yes, we’re more likely to see our last throws of winter here, can we see a covering? Some areas of higher ground may get a few inches.



This weather that we’re seeing and have been seeing for about a week to 10 days may be the pattern we should see through most of April as the rough transition begins as warm fights cold, that’s why we’re seeing mild, sunny days, wet, windy days and even threats and rumors of snow.. All this should be easing by April 20th… but when the smokes clears, bingo… we should be on the home stretch for BETTER weather, I’m not saying a blowtorch is ready to hit as soon as the pattern turns but amore settled regime should begin to get more control.

The thing to remember is, despite this yucky weather , above those clouds, that sun is growing stronger, providing us with longer days and shorter nights and with the sun peeking through those pesky clouds that spin around Atlantic lows, the stronger peneration of solar energy will aid in energizing the “lift” nessesary in releasing those April-like showers with greater force, don’t be surprised in seeing small hail batter off your car or house window or even the odd rumble of thunder and flash of lightening. The bouyancy of the spring atmosphere, brings reality of new life in spring after the death of winter! Even the odd “warm” day where a lengthy break from pesky hit or miss and fast moving showers is very possible.

When that high pressure takes change of UK airspace, instead of 50s, we may have a chance at 70 degrees days and nights cooling into the 50s. By then many trees will have a return of their leaves and things should begin to heat up nicely as we push into May. I expect BBQ weather is only a mere 4 weeks!!

Remember, April showers bring May flowers!

Thanks for reading.

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