>27 March, 2010: Clocks SPRING FORWARD TONIGHT, Is there snow (storm) ready to bring a return to winter?

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I have never been one to agree that when the clocks “spring forward” by one hour in March that we here in Britain declare it “officially” British summertime. That is rediculous since there has been many times we have seen snow and cold AFTER the clocks spring forward and it officially so-called British summertime. Officially British Springtime would be much more appropriate I think…

Ok, by looking at the AccuWeather article below and by looking at varying forecasts, snow is ready to return to the UK… For Glasgow, it gave “heavy snow” for Tuesday, now it gives rain and several people have asked me are we going to see snow. My answer to that is, we’ll need to wait and see as at this late in the season, it’s a fickle, unpredictable time, much more so than during the winter. I do see snow and perhaps several inches in the higher elevations of the EASTERN hald of Britain where the winds pull in from the east but further west, I’m not sure. It’s certainly not unheard of to see snow in late March or even April but forecasting snow this time of year is certainly of a much greater challange when many various factors come into play. When does the precip arrive? During the day, it’s more likely to be liquid as there’s simply too much warmth generated during the day and it takes a heck of a cold air mass for it to snow during the day this late in the season, but like I say, it’s certainly possibly, but you need a good deal of cold air in place when the precip arrives in order to fight the late season factors.

Our best chance of seeing snow is likely to be late evening and through the shorts hours of darkness when the temps can drop off somewhat but at higher elevations, it could easily snow during the day or night and though I see snow certainly over the Highlands and the eastern half of England, we shall just need to see how much colder the air across the UK can get as to who gets snow and how much…

Northeastern US experiences it’s last COLD MORNING until next winter?

From Jesse Ferrell’s blog today:

Clayton Lake, Maine: -11.6
Mount Washington, NH: -2
Saranac Lake, NY: 4
Old Mountain, Pennsylvania: 11
Here at my station in Central PA my station only fell to 19, which is not by any means record breaking for this time of year.

Jesse’s blog post from today: Check this out

Jesse Ferrell blogged today about their cold morning which Joe Bastardi of AccuWeather claims will be the last morning until the next cold season where temps get as cold as they did this morning as the pattern for them is ready to switch to a summertime pattern for good!!

I am in the thinking we here in the UK are experiencing our “April Showers” now and this period of unsettled, cool weather will progress through early April before the return to a more stable, settled pattern and a true warm-up by the second half of April and into May… I do expect BBQ weather beyonf April 20th!!

From AccuWeather.com
Source: http://www.accuweather.com/blogs/news/story/26713/disruptive-snow-to-hit-the-uni.asp
Disruptive Snow to Hit the United Kingdom
Mar 27, 2010; 1:48 PM ET

The calendar may say its the end of March, but a disruptive snowstorm will move through the United Kingdom Monday and Tuesday.
A slow-moving storm will move through the English Channel Monday through Tuesday. As cold air wraps into the storm Monday night and Tuesday, rain will mix with and change to snow across many areas of England, including London. The cold air will also help to intensify the storm, allowing the snow to fall heavily at times.
The heaviest of the snow will fall over the Midlands and North East England where several centimeters (a couple inches) of snow will likely accumulate. Several centimeters of snow will also accumulate across portions of Wales. Snow will even mix with the rain over South East England, including London, where some slippery travel can result.
Travel disruptions will occur throughout much of England and Wales as a result of the snow. Gusty winds Tuesday and Tuesday night will also cause blowing and drifting snow to occur, causing further travel delays. In addition, widespread power outages can be expected as the snow will likely lead to downed power lines.
by AccuWeather.com Senior Meteorologist Rob Miller
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